Harry takes Meghan to meet Tiggy: Prince and his fiancée visited his former nanny on her estate after day of engagements in Wales

23/01/18 07:06

22/01/18 21:54

Princess Eugenie is close friends with Cressida Bonas, a 28-year-old actress, and originally introduced her to Harry. The pair split in 2014.

22/01/18 19:21

While their wedding venues might be the same, Eugenie's engagement portraits are in stark contrast to her cousin's, eschewing Hollywood glamour for a more traditional approach.

22/01/18 17:51

Shirley Corsey, from New Jersey, has gone back to the drawing board on her Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dolls in the hopes of justifying the $181 price tag, and these are the results.

22/01/18 16:12

Donna Air got candid about her meeting the future royal, as well as what inspired her to lace-up those ice skates

22/01/18 16:12

'President Trump will not be invited to Meghan and Harry's wedding in Windsor because it will be for friends and family only,' a source tells SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

19/01/18 18:16

Royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle got a taste of British train travel today as she and her fiancé Prince Harry were late for an engagement in Cardiff.

19/01/18 16:44

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, Meghan Markle is not on top of her style game. He says she must ditch the black coats and stop wearing clothes from Marks and Spencer.

19/01/18 12:57

Meghan arrived in Cardiff with Harry for their third official engagement together, dressed in head-to-toe in carefully chosen items supporting both British fashion and charitable endeavours.

19/01/18 12:55

Meghan Markle joked it would be 'fun' to have her hen party in Cardiff during a tour of the historic Welsh capital today, alongside her adoring fiancé Prince Harry (pictured together outside Cardiff Castle).

19/01/18 11:33

Yesterday, Meghan, 36, wrapped up against the winter chill in a £1,350 tie detail coat by Stella McCartney in Cardiff and hours later Courtney wore the same coat at Paris Fashion Week.

19/01/18 08:00

All the excitement appeared to get to BBC Wales News reporter Kate Morgan, who described the 'sl*g-waving' in the crowds live on camera ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan's arrival.

19/01/18 00:34

Meghan Markle, 36, stepped aside to have a quiet word with seven-year-old Eloise after she was led away crying during a performance for the royal couple at a Cardiff community centre.

19/01/18 00:16

Chatting to the crowds who had waited patiently in the cold outside Cardiff Castle, she was lauded by fan Jessica Phillips, 23, for her outspoken feminist views. Miss Markle replied: 'He is a feminist too'.

18/01/18 23:35

The royal bride-to-be, 36, arrived in Cardiff with Prince Harry, dressed in head-to-toe in carefully chosen items supporting both the British fashion industry and charitable endeavours.

18/01/18 21:06

According to Mother & Baby's predictions for 2018's most popular baby names, Meghan will enter the top 20 this year thanks to huge interest in the upcoming royal wedding and the bride-to-be.

18/01/18 16:19

Wheelchair-bound Samantha Grant, 52, half-sister if Meghan Markle, was spotted shopping with her partner Mark at a flea market in Bellview, Florida this weekend.

17/01/18 14:58

Shirley Corsey from New Jersey, is selling the 18-inch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dolls for $181 (£131) - however they bare little resemblance to the real deal.

16/01/18 18:27

ZSL London Zoo has welcomed their latest arrival, an okapi calf named after Meghan Markle. The calf's mother gave birth to her in just half an hour after a 14 month pregnancy.

16/01/18 11:21

This Thursday, Harry and Meghan make their first joint visit to Wales, but it will take place on the same day as Prince William is due to carry out engagements elsewhere - an avoidable clash.

15/01/18 21:32

Lifetime film Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story will tell the backstory of the Prince's relationship with the American actress, including the moment he popped the question at Kensington Palace.

15/01/18 18:52

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry at St George's Chapel in Windsor on May 19 and are predicted to opt for a 'traditional' seating plan of having the groom's family on the right and the bride's to the left.

15/01/18 18:40

Before her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was known for her role on the show Suits. Meghan was making more than $50,000 per Suits episode and her annual salary totalled $450,000.

14/01/18 22:44

Under-fire Ukip chief Henry Bolton has been spotted at Ashford International train station's Eurostar terminal after his model girlfriend apologised for sending racist texts about Meghan Markle.

13/01/18 16:49

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry charmed the crowds in Brixton this week with their second official public engagement. But when not on royal duties delighting spectators, how do the pair spend their days?

13/01/18 14:29

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Brixton, the crowd went into over-drive. But Helen Wiltshire, a 60-year-old grandmother of eight, from Crawley, West Sussex, really went for it.

13/01/18 04:24

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning a fairytale wedding with a ‘white and classic’ theme. But the pair also intend to surprise guests with some 'quirky' elements, according to royal sources.

13/01/18 01:29

The US President is notoriously sensitive to snubs and might have expected to be asked to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day. But a source appeared to rule out the idea.

12/01/18 17:07

According body language expert Elizabeth Kuhnke, the former Suits star is still adjusting to her new role and feels nervous about being judge, so she uses the gesture to subtly reassure herself.

12/01/18 16:34

Bride-to-be Meghan has been showing off her prowess at diplomatic dressing during recent public appearances, by wearing a mixture of brands from Canada and her new home, the UK.

12/01/18 10:15

When Meghan Markle accompanied Prince Harry earlier this week, it wasn’t her engagement ring that attracted most attention but the intriguing jewellery she wore on the fingers of her right hand.

12/01/18 08:38

Meghan Markle wore a jumper from M&S this week and it immediately sold out online - as does everything she wears, with the exception of that £56,000 engagement photoshoot dress.

12/01/18 07:08

Meghan Markle's half sister Samantha Grant is asking forgiveness from her soon-to-be royal sibling after nasty public comments about her, and, she still hopes to be invited to the royal wedding.

11/01/18 22:40

The 36-year-old Suits actress has officially said goodbye to her online followers after shutting down her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts this week.

11/01/18 21:39

Local reports suggest the couple will order the booze for their private reception from the Chapel Down winery in Tenterden, Kent, just as Kate and William did for the 2011 royal wedding extravaganza.

11/01/18 16:45

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant said in a discussion with housemates that she is concerned about the 'background' and 'attitude' of Prince Harry's fiancée.

11/01/18 16:15

Under the influence of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has noticeably toned down his louder outfits of the past, opting for more neutral ensembles as seen during his appearance in Brixton.

11/01/18 02:16

Meghan Markle's half-brother, Tom Markle, 51, a jobbing glass fitter in Grants Pass, Oregon, proposed to his girlfriend Darlene Blount, 37, (pictured together), writes David Jones.

10/01/18 22:50

Meghan Markle wore three rings on her right hand in Brixton, south London yesterday. A thumb ring indicates motivation, control and aggression, according to palmistry experts.

10/01/18 21:13

Samantha Grant, 52, has shared previously unseen images of herself and sister Meghan as kids, as well as revealing new details about Meghan's relationship with her father Thomas Markle, 73.

10/01/18 16:10

Theresa May, the Duchess of Cambridge and Gemma Arterton join a roll call of women who appear to have taken inspiration from Meghan's Mackage navy overcoat which she debuted on December 1.

10/01/18 16:01

According to former Army officer and respected royal commentator Alastair Bruce, the happy couple's chosen location of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle offers a big clue.

10/01/18 13:27

London surgeon Dr. Tijion Esho has revealed he's getting requests for 'Meghan Markle lips'. The fiancee of Prince Harry, 36, has an almost perfect pout, say cosmetic surgery experts.

10/01/18 12:47

The intimate family video (pictured) shows the future royal, who is set to marry Prince Harry in May, carefully placing a dummy in the mouth of newly-born Thomas Dooley in 1991.

10/01/18 11:35

For her visit to Reprezent 107.3 FM in Brixton, south London, an underground music station, the former Suits star wore her hair tied back in a sleek bun with a few tendrils left loose around the front.

10/01/18 10:51

In a clear demonstration of the style influence she already wields, Meghan Markle's £45 Marks & Spencer jumper sold out within hours of her wearing it to visit a Brixton radio station with Prince Harry.

10/01/18 10:13

DJs Jodeci and Henrie were introduced to Meghan Markle, 36, and her fiancé Prince Harry during the engagement at youth radio station Reprezent in Brixton, south London, yesterday.

10/01/18 10:12

The actress, 36, has previously described her ideal gown as 'classic and simple' with a 'modern twist'. She described Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's wedding dress as her all-time favourite.

10/01/18 09:50

Meghan, 36, chose a camel skirt and black polo top for her first official engagement with Prince Harry in Nottingham. The ensemble is strikingly similar to one worn by Carolyn Bessette.

10/01/18 09:25

The royal pair are at the studios of Reprezent 107.3 FM in Brixton, south London, a 24-hour underground music station and the only one in the UK presented by people under 25.

10/01/18 08:37

According to industry insiders, Ms Markle's influence - dubbed 'the Meghan Phenomenon' - was already being felt two weeks after the news that she is set to wed Britain's most eligible bachelor.

10/01/18 08:07

Helen Wiltshire, 69, from Crawley, West Sussex, travelled to Brixton, south London, with her 39-year-old daughter Sandra (pictured together) to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Tuesday.

09/01/18 21:46

Meghan Markle, pictured earlier today in Brixton, south London has taken the decision to close her social media accounts which had been dormant for some time, sources have said.

09/01/18 15:47

Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe said the couple will heed Foreign Office advice not to make the guest list 'political'. Officials are also concerned about upsetting current president Trump.

09/01/18 05:24

The Royal Mews, the exclusive entrace of Windsor Castle for members of the royal family only, is being spruced up in time for Harry and Meghan's wedding.

09/01/18 05:21

Samantha Grant, 52, said while appearing on The Wright Stuff via live video link from Florida that barring a disaster their father Thomas Markle would be at his daughter's side in May.

08/01/18 21:47

Meghan Markle’s half-brother Tom blamed his drunken New Year's Eve brawl with fiancee Darlene Blount on the pressure and scrutiny caused by his sister's engagement to Prince Harry.

08/01/18 20:48

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'dream' venue of Forgmore House has been 'gently vetoed' by royal aides according to reports, who have reportedly offered the couple a more 'practical venue'.

08/01/18 14:12

Thomas Markle, 73, said he is delighted at daughter Meghan's engagement to 'gentleman' Prince Harry when he broke his silence to a passer-by in Rosarito, Mexico.

08/01/18 14:12

After being inundated with handwritten notes and letters, the newly-betrothed couple posted thank you notes via Kensington Palace, saying that they were 'incredibly touched' by the reaction.

08/01/18 07:38

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE reveals the son of Princess Diana's stylist has submitted designs for Meghan Markle's wedding day hair.

08/01/18 03:46

Karen Anvil, 39, was one of hundreds who braved the cold to get a glimpse of the royal family as they walked to St Mary Magdalene Church, on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk on December 25.

07/01/18 19:24

Meghan Markle's first Christmas at Sandringham proved to be a roaring success thanks to an amusing present she bought the Queen - a singing toy hamster that was almost stolen by the corgis.

06/01/18 15:01

Meghan Markle's future sister-in-law was arrested on New Year's eve in Oregon after an altercation with Thomas Markle, potentially dashing her brother's hopes to attend the royal wedding in May.

06/01/18 11:24

Meghan Markle will have to wait until after the wedding to borrow jewels from the Queen as it is a privilege reserved solely for members of the Royal family and married women.

05/01/18 13:43

London-based Nichola Joss offered a hint at what the future royal's skincare regime might be in the lead-up to her wedding, giving other brides-to-be the chance to replicate her signature glow.

04/01/18 20:40

The leader of Windsor council, Simon Dudley, has claimed that homeless people in the town have marched tourists to cashpoints to withdraw cash and wants them off the street.

03/01/18 21:38

Councillor Simon Dudley has accused rough sleepers of 'aggressive begging and intimidation' and wants them moved on from Windsor before Prince Harry ties the knot with Meghan Markle.

03/01/18 18:49

According to US Weekly magazine, the former Suits star, 36, and her fiancé are planning to 'do things their way' and Meghan is keen for her mother Doria Ragland, 61, to walk her down the aisle.

03/01/18 01:52

The loved-up royal couple's private flight was a considerable upgrade from their economy trip to Nice - where they are said to have sat beside the toilets among other passengers.

02/01/18 17:39

Kensington Palace released a clip of some of the milestones celebrated by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in 2017 - but William and Kate's baby news is missing.

02/01/18 16:19

The former Suits star, 36, will join her fiancé Prince Harry for a visit to Reprezent 107.3FM in Brixton, South London on Tuesday next week, her first official engagement of 2018.

02/01/18 13:37

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank spotted a connection to the US in Harry's future after the late royal asked her to read her sons' astrological charts back in 1990.

02/01/18 01:22

Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle flew out of London Heathrow Airport on New Year's Eve on a scheduled British Airways flight to Nice, according to sources.

01/01/18 15:28

Canadian retailer Club Monaco has confirmed the former Suits star was wearing its $298 (£220) Tay dress on Christmas Day at Sandringham, featuring ruffled sleeves and a plunging neckline.

31/12/17 11:46

An Australian psychic has predicted how 2018 will unfold for the royal family, and the news isn't promising for one particular couple.

30/12/17 13:47

Meghan Markle spoke of her life acting, running website and volunteering in 'The Game Changers: Success Secrets from Inspirational Women Changing The Game and Influencing The World.'

29/12/17 18:16

Thomas Markle Jr, 51, of Grants Pass, Oregon has slammed Prince Harry's claim that the royals are 'the family Meghan never had.' He told Meghan was 'very privileged.'

29/12/17 16:00

The romantic comedy Dater's Handbook aired in January 2016, just six months before Meghan and Harry met after being set up on a blind date in London, and fell head over heels in love

29/12/17 14:37

Meghan, 36, revealed her New Year's resolutions on her now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, in 2016 and admitted she makes the same vows to stop biting her nails and swearing every year.