The best luxury boutique hotels in the world revealed

The Mr and Mrs Smith awards 2018 has dished out 11 gongs to the luxury boutique hotels from around the world that its panel of judges think have the biggest wow factor. The overall winner was Villa La Coste in Provence, France, main, thanks to its cutting edge design, arresting architecture and amazing art collection. Other winners included the Nay Palad Hideaway in the Philippines, bottom right, which was named best local hero, Soneva Jani in the Maldives, bottom left, which was singled out for having the sexiest bedroom and Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa in Chile, top left, which was named as having the best pool. Chamba Camp Thiksey in the Indian Himalyas, top right, meanwhile, was given the Above and Beyond award.

Norwegian Dreamliner sets transatlantic speed record

Monday's DY7014 service from JFK to London Gatwick shaved 53 minutes off the expected flight duration thanks to a very strong jet stream over the Atlantic. At the controls of the Norwegian 787 Dreamliner (main, file picture) was Captain Harold van Dam, bottom right, who saw his aircraft reach a top speed of 776mph. The total flight time was just five hours and 13 minutes, as recorded by flightradar24 (top right).

AD FEATURE From feasting on exotic foods, sipping wine with locals and learning a chunk of history you didn’t learn at school, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a new culture.

Set on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall, The Nare is a glorious sliver of yesterday - a retreat with few mod cons where the afternoon tea is delicious and the pace unhurried. Dominic Prince checks in.

Whether you’re visiting Prague for the culture, the history, or to immerse yourself in the city’s enchanting architecture, it’s hard to go wrong with a five-star hotel

With blizzards raging at up to 100 miles per hour (160kmh), the pack of 52 musk oxen in the Bering Land Bridge in Alaska, were were buried alive, leaving only a few tufts of hair poking out.

Alaska Airlines unveils cabin crew uniforms by Luly Yang

A high-end ballgown designer has swapped the catwalk for the runway after creating new uniforms for Alaska Airlines staff. Seattle-based Luly Yang has been unveiled as the creator of the new outfits, which the US carrier said represented a fresh, modern West Coast look. And stylists MailOnline Travel spoke to hailed the designs as 'sharp' and 'very well cut'. The new uniforms were showcased at a fashion show inside Alaska's Sea-Tac hangar, where airline employees modelled the 90 garments and accessories to thousands of other employees.

Sometimes, a city named as European Capital of Culture can be something of an obscurity. But there is no such problem with Valletta, says Mark Palmer - as Malta's main city strolls to centre-stage.

The dramatic footage shows the plane being blown from side to side as it descended onto the runway at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam yesterday.

Here’s our pick of Prague’s B&Bs – from central locations and charming Old Town features, to budget-friendly rural retreats.

B&Bs can offer a similar standard of accommodation as a five-star hotel, but with an arguably more comfortable and homely feel. This is especially true in Edinburgh.

Getting close to Atlantic giants in 'Iceberg Alley'

There is more to Canada than great open expanses of land. The water can also be wild. Robert Gore-Langton heads to Newfoundland for an encounter with the giants of 'Iceberg Alley'. The freshwater ice, once snow, is some 10,000 years old, quite unpolluted by man. They make beer from it, Robert explains. Sometimes you hear the icebergs fizz and pop. Occasionally there's a thunderclap and they split. Rarely, but lethally, they roll over. The ensuing tsunami would flip any boat nearby. Pictured bottom right is Cape Bonavista Lighthouse.

New research suggests that unusually high temperatures and levels of humidity in Kazakhstan in 2015 led to an outbreak of a bacterial disease, causing a mass die-off of 200,000 saiga antelope.

With a rich mix of historical sites, cities, tempting cuisines and activities ashore – from Gibraltar in the west to Israel in the east - Caroline Hendrie picks out her favourite Mediterranean cruises.

Is the $300,000 Embark motorhome the most luxurious yet?

Living a life on the road often means you have to go without certain luxuries or home comforts - but not if you've got hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw at an RV. This new 37ft hotel-on-wheels has just been launched and it boasts a fully fitted kitchen, king-sized bed and even a 39-inch exterior TV screen. And if the owners fancy driving the vehicle somewhere chilly, a fireplace (top left) can even be installed. The vehicle, called Embark, is a joint venture between Jayco and Spartan Motors and would set a potential buyer back at least $300,000 (£209,000). It was revealed ahead of the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa.

The order comes just days after Airbus sounded alarm bells on the future of the A-380

The Middle East company said it had placed firm orders for 20 of the double-decker aircraft with options for a further 16. Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2020.

Here’s our guide to the Venice's’s best B&Bs, including places with canal view balconies and classic Venetian interiors.

Stunning pictures offer a rare bird's-eye view of America

Photographer Jassen Todorov snapped the aerial images of rivers, lakes and mountains to show a different angle to American life than built up skyscrapers and fast food outlets. Some of the destinations that Mr Todorov has photographed from such a height include rock formations in Utah, top right, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tiny Islands in Florida, the Great Salt Lake, bottom right, and Yosemite National Park, left.

Located in the picturesque snow-capped mountains of Stansstad in Switzerland, Iglu-Dorf offers families and couples the chance to sleep in igloos they have put together themselves.

Avinor, the public operator of Norwegian airports, wants to be the first in the world to make the switch to electric air transport, which would cover flights within Norway and Scandinavia.

While it may be hard to find affordable accommodation in an opulent city like Venice, it is possible. Here’s a round-up of the best budget friendly hotels in the city.

World's longest underwater cave discovered in Mexico 

A group of divers, dedicated to the study of subterranean waters, discovered that two caves off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico they previously thought were separate are actually connected and form the biggest flooded cave on the planet. It is believed that the discovery could help shed light on the ancient Maya civilisation, whose cities drew upon an extensive network of sinkholes linked to subterranean waters known as cenotes.

It is almost impossible to avoid Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, the city where he was born. Mark Palmer does not even try on a weekend where the hills are alive with the sound of music.

Venice is cut from a different cloth to most cities around the world. Some of its hotels are pretty inimitable, too. These are our top picks of the best boutique hotels in Venice.

Broadcaster John Stapleton trailed the Rocky Mountains in Canada taking in Lake Louise, Banff and Vancouver. He says that on the trip, service with a smile was guaranteed.

The Faena Hotel is a fine place to experience Miami's theatrical side. However, there's more to this city than posing on the promenade, in this eclectic world of great food and creativity.

Nial Wheate, associate professor and programme director of undergraduate pharmacy at the University of Sydney, explains how various medications affect you at 38,000ft.

There’s a good variety of budget-friendly accommodation in Lisbon. Options range from award winning hostels with free breakfasts to hotels with rooftop bars.

The British towns that mean something rude to foreigners

Orton in Cambridgeshire sounds rude to an Argentinian as it's slang for 'big a***hole'. Todmorden means 'death-murder' and Essex's Wix sounds like the German for 'I masturbate'. These revelations come courtesy of travel search platform HolidayPirates, which is offering financial reimbursement to travellers who fly from the country where the place-name is rude-sounding to the corresponding UK location on its list.

Picking an area to stay in Lisbon isn’t always easy. To be slap-bang in the middle of things, the areas of Baixa and Alfama are good options.

The chart is the latest popular data visualization from the Data Duo, displaying the time it would take for frostbite to occur under different conditions, using bright colours and an interactive layout.

Price comparison site Compare the Market has launched a competition to find a lucky retired Brit to go on a free 'Senior Gap Year' in a bid to show that people can travel the world at any age.

Bankrupt airline Air Berlin is selling off entire stock

The carrier, which was forced to cease operations at the end of October with debts of almost £700million, has been instructed to auction off its entire stock to try and recoup some cash. All of the items are currently being held in a giant hall in the German city of Essen where people can come and browse. Until February 2, items such as life jackets, blankets, aeroplane models and even trolleys used by the flight attendants (right) are being sold to the highest bidder. Seats (main) and branded chocolates (inset) can also be snapped up.

Talk about making it difficult for yourself. Aspen has state-of-the-art chairlifts, but Keith Perry takes the tough route up, climbing the pistes to ski back down on an arduous day of 'uphilling'.

The revolutionary new ship Celebrity Edge by Celebrity Cruises will feature a 'magic carpet' which will glide up and down the cruise liner -changing its function as it goes.

Think Greece is just a tourist trap? Come to Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the sixth largest of the Greek islands and sits between Ithaca and Zakynthos. Martin Ogden went and found it radiates a quiet contentment - perfect for utter peace and quiet. The island (right) was the setting for the 2001 Hollywood film Captain Corelli's Mandolin starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz (left), but despite the exposure, still seems unaffected by tourism and is a 'real place' to visit in Greece.

Spanish tourism chiefs are admitting they have 'no hope' of competing on price as a one-week all-inclusive in Turkey in a five-star hotel is being offered at just 400 euros (£355).

Stunning photos of the world’s most scenic landscapes

Photographers Marta Kulesza, from Poland, and Brit Jack Bolshaw showcase some of earth's most amazing landscapes, from Canada to New Zealand. They upload their snaps to their travel photography site – – which offers photography tips and advice on getting around the countries they’ve visited. Pictured clockwise from top left: Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park, Alberta; Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, also in Jasper National Park; Lake O'hara in British Columbia and Berg Lake in British Columbia.

A couple from Milwaukee have tied the knot at 30,000 feet in a surprise wedding in front of their family and friends. Jim and Sue Marino were traveling to Sedona, Arizona with 30 people.

Trains in Japan have been fitted with a device that makes barking and snorting sounds in a bid to drive deer away from railway lines and reduce the hundreds of delays caused by the animals.

The 29 best small cities in America revealed

The 29 best small cities in America for visitors have been revealed in a new influential study. National Geographic Traveler carried out a detailed survey as well as consulted with experts to draw up the list, which includes cities such as Columbia being named the best groomed, Kansas City as the most artsy and most musically grooviest being Santa Cruz. To compile the list, the respected publication worked with advisers Resonance Consultancy in developing a 'Small Cities Index', a survey that drew from statistics and social media mentions to determine which cities rank highest.

The 100-metre-tall (328 ft) circular tower in Shaanxi Province is said to be able to improve air quality within an area of 3.9 square miles. It could purify 10 million cubic metres of air a day.

Video shows fog descending over Dubai 

Incredible images of the giant buildings made it appear as if penthouse residents and workers were living in their own dreamland in the clouds above the vast Emirate city. The footage was captured by Rustam Azmi, an Indian business owner who has lived in Dubai for 28 years, who shot videos from the 88th floor of a tower in the marina and from the Index and Executive towers in the downtown area.

Looking for a weekend bolthole with a difference? Jenny Coad retreats to St Edward's Presbytery in Ramsgate - a relic of the Victorian era that was built by a star architect of the era, Augustus Pugin...

As part of her Saga cruise, Caroline Hendrie visited Aarhus, the Danish city on the eastern coast that boasts ARoS - a multi-coloured art gallery with every colour in the spectrum.

Inside the bizarre witches' market in Bolivia

The market, called Mercado de las Brujas, sees vendors line the streets in a lively area of the city of La Paz in Bolivia, bottom right, to sell on their strange and fascinating products to locals and tourists. Llama fetuses, left, are one of the most common purchases while other items that are popular include owl feathers, hand-made potions and even dried frogs, bottom right, especially if they have cigarettes hanging out of their mouths.

The Arc de Triomphe, the Sydney Opera House and Tower Bridge are all instantly recognisable. But they could have looked very different if these rejected designs had been given the go-ahead.

The unusual stays that still provide high levels of comfort can all be booked through Canopy & Stars, which markets a collection of 'beautiful, quirky places to stay in the UK and Europe'.

The Celebrity Reflection is a 3,000-plus passenger cruise liner that has plenty on board for children. Phil Davies took his family who were pleasantly surprised at the absence of a stuffy atmosphere.

A project to reintroduce red squirrels - the population of which has sharply droppped - to their old forest homes in the Scottish Highlands is being carried out by the Trees For Life charity.

Colour therapists say Blue Monday soothes the mind

Colour therapist Alison Standish believes that the colour blue 'calms and soothes the mind, body and spirit' so here we showcase some of the world's bluest holiday destinations through stunning images, including Santorini (top left), Capri (top right), Iceland (bottom right) and Juzcar in Spain (bottom left).

Strone Castle Cottage, near Drumnadrochit in the Scottish Highlands, is perfectly placed on a hill above the famous loch for visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive monster.

The new rules, which will see passengers only allowed one bag in the cabin, unless they pay for priority boarding, have been attacked as disproportionate by a Spanish transport body.

The University of Tazmania found that a 2012 eruption off the coast of New Zealand was the largest seen for a century. The findings have been described as a 'scientific goldmine.'

Why Europe has some of the world's greatest driving roads

Photographer Ervin Boer from Romania snapped the stunning pictures while travelling with the Great Rally Company on its 1,250 mile trip from Belgium to Austria on alpine roads. While on the road trip, Mr Boer, who posts most of his work on Facebook, took in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and travelled on famous roads such as the San Bernardino Pass, the Umbrial Pass as well as highways through the Black Forest.

Captain Dave Wallsworth published a fascinating video of him and his colleagues taking off on the A380 from London Heathrow bound for Johannesburg on board flight BA55K.

Shocking pictures taken at Heathrow Airport highlight that trade in illegal wildlife products is thriving. The images, taken at an evidence lock-up, show a menagerie of confiscated animal contraband.

The Jordan Trail is a 400-mile hiking route in Jordan that has recently opened. Jeremy Taylor visited the trail in a bid to retrace the footsteps of British Army officer and World War I legend T.E. Lawrence.

Enoshima is a cat island in Japan that is an hour from Tokyo by train. Cats are everywhere, roaming on the beaches, streets and shrines as if they own the place.

Woman quit her job to travel the world in yoga poses

Most people get to travel for just a few weeks, each year. But, unfulfilled by the so-called rat race, Ekaterina Terenina ditched her mundane life in Irkutsk, Russia, in order to accomplish her dream of seeing the world - one yoga pose at a time. And now the 24-year-old , has become a social media star by documenting her journey with stunning snaps from a host of jaw-dropping locations, including Thailand (main), Nepal (bottom right) and Montenegro (top right). 

The Mail on Sunday's Travel Editor, Frank Barrett, gives his advice on driving in Europe as well as how to easily pass through immigration when entering the United States.

A cruise makes a great-value holiday because so much is included in the upfront price. Here is the Mail On Sunday's pick of affordable cruises departing every month for the rest of the year.

For the past 40 years San Francisco has become indelibly linked to the rise of the computer, Apple and other tech start-ups. Here’s your itinerary for a fabulous 48 hours in the city.

Sicily has had a bad image – the backdrop for many films about the Mafia – with the feeling it might be an uncomfortable place to visit. But chef Giorgio Locatelli says it is one of Italy's sweet spots.

In the first of a new Mail on Sunday series, actress and Call The Midwife star Jenny Agutter, 65, recalls some of her most memorable holiday memories.

With its organic menu which blazes a ‘vegan’ section loud and proud, the Royal Oak in Tetbury is clearly a maverick, one which has responded to the ever growing number of vegans in the UK.

With Roman amphitheatres and Latin language all around, it’s no surprise so many people think Istria in Croatia is simply part of Italy. Fiona Hardcastle took her three children.

Low cost airline Easyjet has started flights from the UK to the Bulgarian resort of Varna on the Black Sea coast. Vincent Graaf was on the carrier's first ever flight to its new destination.

The Caribbean lodge that's being raffled-off for £7.50

Fancy owning your own tropical Caribbean luxury resort for just £7.50? Now you can. That's the genuine offer put forward by American couple Suzanne and Dave Smith, who are selling off their incredible Casa Cayuco Eco Adventure Lodge, in Bocas del Toro, Panama, Central America.

Welcome to Oymyakon, the coldest village on earth, where the average temperature in January is -50C and inhabitant's eye lashes freeze solid mere moments after stepping outside.

A man was spotted walking a slackline above the waves in Nazaré, Portugal, in an reckless stunt which saw him knocked off his feet multiple times during the terrifying balancing act.

Sunny Beach on the Black Sea coast has taken the top spot in the annual Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer for the first time,ahead of the Algarve in Portugal and Tokyo, Japan.

Anyone heading for a ski holiday this weekend can expect an easy journey and superb skiing almost everywhere — at least over the next few days before another potential blizzard rolls in.

The Dial House comprises two shops, a restaurant, coffee house and eight themed rooms in the pretty village of Reepham, not far from Norwich. And the Inspector found it to be a curious place.

Tiny caravan doubles up as second home with kitchen

The trailer, called the Droplet, has been built by couple Diane and Pascal Pillon from Vancouver, Canada, so they can hit the road whenever they want without worrying about a place to stay. The tiny caravan comes with a double bed and full-equipped kitchen, everything you need to cook a delicious meal. The mobile home also boasts large windows - tinted for privacy - and its designers say the camper lets owners feel close to nature.

(Niall Carson/PA)

Ryanair is introducing new baggage rules from Monday. Passengers can still travel with two items of hand luggage, but the larger bag will be placed in the hold unless they pay £5 for priority boarding.

Product designer Sam and his girlfriend Jessica, who live in Yorkshire, snapped up the trailer for £4,000 at auction, and spent £15,000 on turning it into a luxury - if diminutive - camper van.

Jeremy Clarke sets out on Super Break's new Iceland package, to the volcanic landscape around Lake Myvatn. However, it's those deadpan Icelanders themselves, who provide the best entertainment.

Captivated by space, Ash Bhardwaj fulfills his childhood dream of seeing a Space Shuttle - and even meets astronaut Ken Cameron, who piloted Atlantis twice - at Florida's out-of-this-world attraction.

A skydiver rode a man in a wingsuit like a surfboard in a death defying stunt 13,500ft above the ground. The thrill-seekers leapt from a plane at the Skydive City in Zephyr Hills, Florida.

We’re paying homage here, via hilarious images from around the world, to those who whether deliberately or otherwise have helped to make the slopes a much funnier place to be.

The Annual Airline Food Investigation led by Dr Charles Platkin looks at the calories of the snacks and meals on offer on board 12 US and Canadian carriers as well as their nutritional content.

Incredible vintage images of Gay's Lion Farm in LA

Gay's Lion Farm in El Monte, California, opened in 1925 and at one point housed 200 lions. It was dedicated to their breeding and training before closing in December 1942. It was founded by circus performers Charles and Muriel Gay, who were responsible for training the animals to work in the burgeoning movie industry in Hollywood. The park became a massive tourist attraction - and supplied the lion that introduced MGM films between 1928 and 1956.

The private island of Coco Prive is located in the Maldives and the serene and secluded resort comes with a dedicated team of 30 staff to cater for guests' every whim 24 hours a day.

The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy revealed how 82 million people had visited Spain in 2017, a nine per cent rise on the previous year - meaning the country had more visitors than the US.

The Office of Rail and Road said eight per cent of passengers who made complaints were angered over ticket machines and kiosks in stations, although late trains and reliability were still the biggest problem.

NYC's Moxy Times Square officially opened in September 2017 and it's perfect for the Big Apple's main attractions - especially when you can stay there for just $99, writes Peter Lloyd.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon is a spa created from a nearby geothermal power plant developed into one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. Kay Burley visited on a freezing November day.

US hotel allows solo guests to lend their resident dog

Travelling can be a lonely experience. But, fortunately, one thoughtful hotel has devised a solution to alleviate solitary nights in its luxury rooms. The Nikko Hotel in San Francisco, California, allows guests to lend their resident canine, Buster, to make them feel loved during their stay. He's currently the face of the hotel's Instagram account, which has amassed thousands of followers thanks to his photogenic nature.

From a moody image of Scotland’s Cuillin range to a striking picture of the Matterhorn, which straddles the Swiss/Italian border, this is material likely to send a shiver or two up the spine.

All of the pictures have been causing considerable hilarity among internet users the world over. Though they succeeded in one area – they’ve got everyone’s attention.

New research published by Marriott Hotels also found that a third of Brits had no clue that Stonehenge was in Wiltshire and that 39 per cent had never been on the London Eye.

Qantas' groundbreaking flight that will travel directly between Perth and London will be named after Western Australia's iconic quokka, it was revealed on Friday.

The best new additions to Elite Traveler's Top 100 list

Just when you think you've seen the world's ultimate hotel, another arrives to rival it. Fortunately, private jet lifestyle magazine Elite Traveler have updated their annual guide of the world's Top 100 - with fifteen brand new additions to the list. Released this week, the latest run-down compiles the globe's most extraordinary venues in a definitive chart, covering everywhere from Mexico (top right), Paris (top left), Singapore (bottom right) and Canada (bottom left).

One year after launching Jack's Flight Club from a London bedroom, Jack Sheldon is about to make his first million. Here, we reveal how his expert advice can get you the cheapest flights.

Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas states have been placed under a level 4 warning by the State Department, the same level shared by war-torn Syria and Afghanistan.

Game of Thrones-themed hotel opens in Lapland

The hotel has been built in collaboration with HBO, the network behind the smash-hit series, and has opened at Lapland Hotels Snow Village in Finland. It features a host of intricate ice sculptures. Among them are an iron throne carved out of ice as well as a bar where drinks are served in ice-carved glasses. Meanwhile the bedrooms have characters from the hit show looming over the beds.

Images shared via Twitter on Thursday show the moment lunch trays were launched into the aisles of a Tunisair plane after the friendly skies turned bumpy on a flight from Tunisia to Paris.

This is the nail-biting moment a plane lands on the smallest commerical runway in the world on the Carribean island of Saba at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport.

The most infuriating pictures ever

Should leaving a carton of orange juice in the fridge with just the tiniest bit of liquid left in it be a criminal offence? There are some who would argue that it should. A picture of this abomination is just one of many images on the internet that causes intense irritation. Sometimes, the subject of the photo is simply a plan that went disastrously wrong – such as an attempt to put a cheesecake in a freezer that ended with the cheesecake on the floor. Other examples include a lazily mislaid layer of cheese in a cheeseburger, dishonestly grouped pepperoni on a pizza and a fresh toilet roll placed on top of a holder instead of being properly attached. And it’s doubtful anyone could look at the picture of the ink explosion around the photocopier without wincing.

A scuba diver in Hawaii has captured the incredible moment that an octopus changes the colour of its skin to camouflage with its environment and scare off predators.

Harry Potter-themed rental in Edinburgh

Situated in Edinburgh - the birthplace of J.K. Rowling's famous books - the magical property is the brainchild of Harry Potter superfan Yue Gao, who has filled it with Hogwarts-style furniture and fittings. The flat, which is available to rent all year round at around £150 per night, comes with a four-poster bed and has a ceiling which makes a beautiful illusion of floating candles. The living area pays homage to the Gryffindor common room and there is also a fully functional kitchen.

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder have found that noise pollution near oil and gas operations can cause birds to suffer with symptoms that resemble PTSD in humans.

The population of about 200,000 nesting females in the northern Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest in the world, and could crash without more males, according to the report.

TripAdvisor reveals top 10 trending destinations for 2018

As global travel booms, it can be tricky to find a quiet corner of the world. Fortunately, to help inspire your next trip, the experts at TripAdvisor have ranked the top-trending destination points for 2018 - with a little-known Japanese island called Ishigaki (pictured) topping the lot. Also boasting hot-spots ranging from urban Kenya to Croatia's fishing ports, here's the definite shortlist...

It might be an odd time of the year to visit the Big Apple, but Graham Boynton found New York City in post-Christmas January to be an indoor treasure house that is brimming with bargains.

Consumer group Which? says simple tips such as booking the flights at the right time, being flexible with dates and destinations and looking for alternative airports can all bring down airfares.

The best and worst luxury stays of 2017

Luxury hotels are two a penny but travel brand Andrew Harper has jetted all over the world to rate the best - and most disappointing - of 2017. From ancient country piles and seaside stunners to city centre boutique hotels, we reveal the winners and losers. Pictured top row, left to right, are some of the winners: Château de la Treyne, Lacave, France; The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa, Bolton Abbey, UK and Chileno Bay Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Pictured bottom row, left to right, are some of the disappointments: Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE, which 'lacked charm'; Banner Elk Winery & Villa, Banner Elk, North Carolina, where the reviewer found a dead cockroach and Palais Esplanade, Hamburg, Germany, where the reviewer found blood stains on one of the towels. 

The death of the last known thylacine was in Hobart Zoo in 1936 but what killed the Tasmanian Tiger after officially became extinct in 1986?

Nasa has found some swirling electric-blue clouds over the Antarctic. The clouds appear when water vapour forms around meteor particles high in the mesosphere (stock).

The best and worst cruise lines of 2018 are named

The best and worst cruise liners of 2018 have been revealed in a new report and it seems that holidaymakers prefer smaller ships that have fewer passengers. The annual research, by UK-based consumer group Which?, shows that having less crowded decks and more space in cabins is key to impressing customers. Norwegian Cruise Line didn't fare so well in this area, a poor passenger-to-space ratio helping to drag it to the bottom of the table. The study looked at 13 cruise companies and asked passengers about their experiences in terms of customer service, cabin space, on-board facilities, entertainment and value for money.

Brits Adele Little and Ryan Vernon were disappointed by Thomas Cook's 'lack of customer service' during an extreme weather ordeal that saw their flight home from New York delayed four times in four days.

Birds of Paradise, from Papua New Guinea and Australia, have elaborate plumage and dance routines to impress females and some have super-black feathers that absorb almost all light.

Hand-shaped pillow MonPere is secret to sleeping on flight

You've got to hand it to the inventor - this is certainly an inventive entry in the travel pillow market. The MonPere is a hand-shaped travel pillow invented by Sylvain Bérubé, a Canadian sports therapist. And he reckons it can offer you a great in-flight snooze. The project has raised over $112,000 Canadian dollars – nearly three times its goal - on Kickstarter. 

Charlotte Hawkins and her family head for Tuscany 

Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins took her two-year-old daughter Ella Rose (top right, with Charlotte) and the rest of her family to Gugliaie, a beautifully restored rustic Tuscan farmhouse (pictured). The seven bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms, meant the group of six adults and five children could have their own space. The villa was also close to Tuscany's most important wine estates, right on the northern edge of the Chianti Classico region.

An annual UK study ranks 100 destinations on what they'll set you back for an average night's stay, with New York coming with a price tag of £346.05 and Kiev, pictured, just £64.79.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Researchers from South Africa's University of Pretoria have developed a database to help track and catch rhino poachers (file photo).

Dirty Dancing scenes combined with real life locations

Travel blogger Andrea David, from Germany, follows in Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's Dirty Dancing footsteps at the Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia in the US. It's otherwise known as Kellerman's and was the backdrop to the cult 1987 movie, set in the 1960s.

The carrier has teamed up with pet sitting business TrustedHousesitters and says the partnership will make it easier for pet owners and animal lovers to travel around Europe.

This is the heartwarming moment when a 50,000-pound humpback whale protected an unaware snorkeler from a nearby Shark in the waters off Muri Beach, Rarotonga, of the Cook Islands.

Members of the RMT union are walking out today and on Wednesday and Friday on South Western Railway, Arriva Rail North, Merseyrail and Greater Anglia, and today on Southern.

Known as the Canterbury Roll, the prized 15th-century manuscript is five metres long and has been at the University of Canterbury in new Zealand for more than 100 years.

Chewton Glen Hotel offers the ultimate luxury treehouse

Situated on the edge of the New Forest National Park in Hampshire, these two luxury apartments, suspended 35 feet above ground, have it all, discovers Rachel Ellis. The inside is beautifully decorated with stylish interiors in muted grey tones, plus there are pleasing details such as a semi-circle sofa (bottom right), old-fashioned arcade games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders to play, a ladder up to the loft room, a flat-screen TV in the bathroom and a roomy hot tub on the balcony (main).

Roofless and missing walls, they stand exposed – to the elements and visitors. But abandoned ancient castles in locations such as France, Poland and Slovakia are still stunning.

The actress, who played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, is embarking on an epic road trip through the heartlands of middle America as part of a brand new BBC1 programme.

Different airlines all have different policies when it comes to carry on luggage. And Crafty Traveller Fred Mawer says it's not surprising that passengers can get easily confused.

Hurtigruten ships operate almost like an Arctic bus service around northern Norway. Simon Heptinstall jumped on board one in search of the Northern Lights and enjoyed hot tubs and fine dining.

Political upheavals may not have helped Turkey’s image. But when Robert Hardman took his family to Kalkan, he found there is no better time to head to the country to enjoy its Med coast.

With countries having their own set of strict traditions, it is easy to inadvertently offend the locals. Handily, people have been sharing tips on what visitors should never do on US-based forum Quora.

Review of Le Ruisseau de Pyrenees campsite in France

What is the secret of going on holiday with your extended family? This was the question when Jake Wallis Simons and his wife planned a trip to France with their three children, his sister-in-law, her husband and their baby (inset). He came up with an answer, and put it to the test. And it worked.He simply took two mobile homes at Camping Le Ruisseau des Pyrenees (main), a campsite about 15 minutes south of glitzy Biarritz on France’s southwestern coast, in the heart of the Basque country.

The Equator Village is a small beach-side hotel situated on Gan in the Maldives. Guy Adams took his young family where they spent hours in the pool and paddled among the tropical fish.

The Manchester Airport Radisson Blu is a few minutes away from Terminals 1 and 2 via the ‘skywalk’ conveyor belts. And the Inspector was impressed with the size of the rooms.

Gold and silver mines made Sifnos one of the wealthiest Greek islands in ancient times. And Simon Busch visited and found that today it still retains an elite aura and is virtually unheard of among Brits.

Soon the eyes of the world will be on Pyeongchang, South Korea, when the Olympic Winter Games start here on February 9. Martin Symington went to test out the slopes, rinks and half-pipes.

The joys of a family skiing holiday in Cervinia, Italy

The cold, the cost, the hassle...Harriet Arkell (inset) couldn't face taking her children skiing for the first time, but it turned out to be their best family holiday ever! After visiting Cervinia in Italy with Crystal Ski (which offers views of the Matterhorn, main) she whipped up this insightful guide to planning the perfect family holiday, including advice on whether to self-cater, which country to choose and how important a swimming pool is.

How £500 buys you a week on board a luxury Sunsail yacht 

British holiday company Sunsail has revealed how spending a week aboard a private luxury yacht in the likes of Greece, Croatia or even Thailand can cost around £500 - with a skipper included. And adding up the cost of the holiday, the sailing firm says hiring a private vessel can be cheaper than the typical skiing or snowboarding holiday. Pictured are boats that cost £450 to hire for a week (bottom right and bottom left), £493 a week (top right) and £549 (top left).

Government figures showed £73.6million was paid in 2016-17 – up from just under £44million the previous year. The bulk was paid to passengers whose journeys were more than half an hour late.

Instrument 'savagely vandalized' on Alitalia flight

Brazilian-born Israeli Myrna Herzog has posted pictures of her viola da gamba on Facebook, showing that is has been severely damaged, with one half of the front ripped off, despite being in a hard case. The 66-year-old, who has performed with the Israel Philharmonic and other notable ensembles around the world, didn’t say at which airport the damage had occurred, but claimed that Alitalia was responsible.

Spectacular shots show concepts of how the cabin in the Canadian countryside would look with the bedroom situated lower than the rest of the home and huge panoramic windows.

Last week U.S YouTube star Casey Neistat claimed that the new Emirates first-class suite was the best seat in the world. But aviation analyst Alex Macheras , from London, begs to differ.

This April, 2017, photo provided by the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys shows geologist Katreen Wikstrom Jones using an avalanche probe to measure snow depth at Thompson Pass, Alaska. Researchers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are looking for backcountry enthusiasts who want to aid a science mission. A program funded by NASA is recruiting citizen scientists to measure snow levels in mountain terrain. (Gabriel Wolken/Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys via AP)

NASA's earth science arm is funding research that recruits citizen scientists on skis, snowshoes and snowmobiles to measure snow depth in backcountry spots in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

From attacking an imaginary mouse to death stares, cats can cause all sorts of photobombing problems. These fails shows what happens when felines cause chaos as the shutter clicks.

The English chef with a restaurant ranked No1 in France

Restaurant Aux Quatre Saisons (top left, top right and bottom left), in Axat, is ranked No1 out of 9,030 eateries in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It has had 144 reviews, with 96% of them 'excellent'. Such is the restaurant’s growing reputation – it opened 18 months ago - that it’s now attracting customers from hundreds of miles away, including Paris. Mr Bridgestock (pictured inset with his wife, Val, who runs the front of house), 57, from Cambridge, told MailOnline Travel that effort, value and British cheeses are part of the secret to the success of his 18-seat eaterie. Pictured bottom right is the restaurant's framboisine.


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