US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insists the 'special relationship' is still 'treasured' in Washington after he replaces Donald Trump on a flying visit to London

22/01/18 18:57

22/01/18 15:45

Tory grandees joined a backlash against Theresa May today as Sir Nicholas Soames branded her Government 'dull, dull, dull'.

22/01/18 12:28

EU Council president Donald Tusk is said to be orchestrating the high-risk strategy to refuse the UK a bespoke free trade deal in a bid to keep Britain in the customs union.

20/01/18 14:35

The men were seen trying to yank open the back door of a HGV this morning, as they loitered around the trucks and tried to avoid French police patrols in the area.

20/01/18 07:39

Cabinet minister David Lidington (pictured) said he believed future parliaments could be deciding whether to rejoin the European Union within a generation.

20/01/18 06:48

President Donald Trump is scheduled to join a bevy of world leaders and CEOs and billionaires in Switzerland next week, although his first order of business is keeping the U.S. government open.

20/01/18 01:23

It was yesterday reported that the pair could miss a chance to converse as they will only be in Swiss town for a few hours at the same time. But Downing Street has now said a slot has been arranged.

20/01/18 00:24

Conservative MP Nick Boles accused his party leader of 'lacking ambition' and told her to 'raise your game' in an extraordinary attack on Twitter.

19/01/18 21:27

The young woman squeezed between Mr Macron and Mrs May has been revealed as Tamanna Miah (circled), a 24-year-old graduate from Canterbury.

19/01/18 20:11

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron are surrounded by guests who attended last night's party in an image that mirrors a famous selfie taken by Hollywood stars at the 2014 Oscars.

19/01/18 18:55

The Prime Minister backed Remain when Britain voted to leave the EU in June 2016 but has built her premiership around taking the country out of the Brussels club.

19/01/18 08:03

Adult migrants seeking to come to the UK via Calais will have their applications processed within one month, rather than have to wait for six months. Children will have their wait slashed to 25 days.

19/01/18 00:50

Britain and France signed the Sandhurst Treaty to speed up claims by migrants in Calais applying to move to Britain. The treaty says cases should be resolved within a month.

19/01/18 00:33

The Bayeux Tapestry will be returned to British soil for the first time in 950 years — but not until 2022. France's President Emmanuel Macron is set to announce the loan during a visit on Thursday.

19/01/18 00:09

By the time it ended at seven o’clock last night, Theresa May’s Sandhurst summit with French president Emmanuel Macron was more than an hour behind schedule.

18/01/18 22:07

The short visit of the Bayeux Tapestry provoked questions at PMQs yesterday with Huw Merriman, pictured, wondering if it could be housed in his Bexhill and Battle constituency.

18/01/18 18:23

'Britain needs to focus on those Brexit negotiations right now, which is really important to them,' Tillerson told reporters.

18/01/18 16:43

The Prime Minister and President may only both be at the World Economic Forum for a few hours and aides have today finding a slot for talks was proving difficult.

18/01/18 15:25

The Business Department said the new body, which will meet later today, will involve businesses and unions and support to anyone affected by the bankruptcy.

18/01/18 11:04

Prime Minister Theresa May's decision means George Osborne (pictured) will become the first ex-Chancellor in the last 50 years not to be offered a peerage.

18/01/18 10:39

The PM ejected a series of middle-aged men from government as she pressed ahead with a shake-up of the lower ranks - despite complaints people were not being treated on their merits.

18/01/18 07:31

Ben Bradley, who was promoted by the PM last week, said Britain would drown 'in a vast sea of unemployed wasters' if the poorest families had too many children.

17/01/18 21:31

The Prime Minister flatly denied that ministers had been 'negligent' in continuing to hand out contracts to the stricken firm despite profit warnings.

17/01/18 21:28

The French President has been pushing for concessions as part of an overhaul of the so-called Le Touquet agreement.

17/01/18 01:35

Tracey Crouch, the Minister for Sport and Civil Society, has been appointed by Theresa May to lead a drive against a 'social epidemic' that experts say can be as unhealthy as smoking.

17/01/18 01:05

Theresa May dismissed a plea from Brussels last night to rethink the decision to leave the European Union. Its top two officials appealed to Britain to have a 'change of heart' about Brexit.

16/01/18 17:47

The bushy-tailed intruder limped past No10 as the Prime Minister and her ministers discussed their response to Carillion's collapse during the weekly Cabinet meeting.

16/01/18 17:00

The Prime Minister's top team were all handed the mugs a week after Environment Secretary Michael Gove was pictured with one. Pictured is Sajid Javid and Caroline Noakes with the cups.

16/01/18 11:18

The Prime Minister is expected to hold talks with Mr Trump when they both attend the World Economic Forum summit next week.

16/01/18 01:15

In an attack on President Donald Trump, Sir Nicholas - a Tory MP since 1983 - said the evidence is 'entirely against' the US president's stance on climate change.

16/01/18 00:20

MPs debated the Government's new Space Bill today which if passed will allow the creation of a network of 'spaceports' to be built across the UK.

15/01/18 13:07

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (pictured in Edinburgh today) insisted her research showed the 'least damaging option by far' was staying in the EU single market after Brexit.

15/01/18 05:40

Donald Trump's state visit to the UK could happen later this year, according to reports. Sources close to the US President claim he will be visiting London on an official visit some time within the next 12 months.

15/01/18 00:02

The firm is facing the threat of collapse under the burden of £1.5billion in debt - with fears of dire consequences for a host of public services.

14/01/18 15:25

Bungling Boris Johnson was rebuked by Theresa May at last week’s Cabinet meeting after he repeatedly mixed up the Lebanon with war-torn Yemen.

13/01/18 14:16

Mr Trump claimed he pulled out of the visit because he disagreed with the decision to sell off the old building for 'peanuts'. But observers suggested he did not want to run the gauntlet of protests.

12/01/18 19:19

Downing Street waded into the row after the US president, who has cancelled plans to visit Britain, lashed out at immigration levels from poorer states.

12/01/18 09:16

Tesco last night became the first major supermarket to throw its weight behind efforts to tackle the scourge of throwaway plastic bottles after Theresa May's landmark pledge.

12/01/18 03:11

As Theresa May visited the wetlands to make her big speech on environmental policy, she was accompanied by an eclectic mix of Ministers, Tory MPs, BBC grandees and eco-schmoozers.

11/01/18 18:45

Theresa May today revealed all disposable packaging could be subject to new taxes and charges as part of her new environmental drive.

11/01/18 15:09

Theresa Many said the vote by the House of Lords to force the vast majority of papers to pay all legal costs in data protection cases even if they win is a threat to democracy.

11/01/18 11:35

Jo Johnson lashed out at Nick Timothy after he suggested Ms Greening, who lost her job as Education Secretary in the reshuffle, was preventing reforms.

11/01/18 11:06

Prime Minister Theresa May will warn that future generations will be shocked by our throwaway culture and she is set to extend the 5p carrier bag charge to all retailers, including corner shops.

11/01/18 02:05

Damian Hinds, the new Education Secretary, and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson have been tipped to face-off in the future, potentially to become the country's Prime Minister.

10/01/18 15:08

Corner shops and retailers with fewer than 250 employees are currently exempted from the charge in England, but Theresa May and Michael Gove are planning to extend it to nearly all plastic bags.

10/01/18 11:45

The relationship crumbled during the past year as the Prime Minister tired of Justine Greening's tone of voice in Cabinet meetings, described by one observer as often 'patronising' and supercilious'.

10/01/18 02:54

PM Theresa May is under pressure to ban smacking children in England as the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales attempt to outlaw the controversial practice.

09/01/18 21:51

Theo Paphitis also warned that businesses are 'getting it in the neck' thanks to soaring business rates, the plummeting pound and the apprenticeship levy.

09/01/18 20:27

Michel Barnier said a post Brexit free trade agreement 'will of course be tailored to the specificities of the United Kingdom'.

09/01/18 11:13

In a leaked letter to Theresa May, the Brexit Secretary said there were a 'growing number of instances' where Britain was being treated differently in a way that is 'frequently damaging'.

09/01/18 08:39

Tory tweet incorrectly naming Chris Grayling as the new party chairman was quickly seized upon by internet users who posted hilarious parodies of the blunder online.

09/01/18 08:38

As momentum towards Theresa May's reshuffle built up last week, we were told that she would take the opportunity to reassert her battered authority. The reverse has happened, writes Peter Oborne.

09/01/18 08:36

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Theresa May he would rather quit than accept a move to the business department and Justine Greening refused to move to work and pensions.

09/01/18 08:07

Veteran Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin (pictured) stepped down following criticism of his handling of last year's disastrous snap election.

09/01/18 07:30

Theresa May's new team will implement the results of a party review into what went wrong at the polls last June and will also attempt to turn around the slow decline in membership.

09/01/18 06:55

Theresa May sported a diabetes patch the size of a £2 coin on TV a few weeks ago. But people like George Hakes, from Cambridge, London, are being denied the same device.

09/01/18 00:42

After more than an hour with the Prime Minister, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt declined to become Business Secretary and instead left with a wider portfolio that includes all social care policy.

09/01/18 00:39

Maria Caulfield was made the Conservative vice chair for women today as part of the Prime Minister's overhaul of her senior team.

08/01/18 17:08

Steve Baker (pictured), David Davis' deputy at the Brexit department, is currently in charge of contingency planning. Upgrading the role to one that 'attends Cabinet' is to be a signal to Brussels.

08/01/18 13:59

Tory MPs had begun sharing the tweet announcing Chris Grayling's move as the party hastily deleted the twitter post announcing it.

08/01/18 07:42

The MP for Guildford, Anne Milton, 62, worked as a district nurse for the NHS for 25 years and has been tipped to replace Jeremy Hunt as the Health Secretary in the cabinet reshuffle.

08/01/18 04:47

Theresa May has vowed to tax plastic products which cannot be recycled. She says she wants to repeat the success of the 5p bag charge which slashed its use by 85%.

08/01/18 02:55

The Maidenhead hotel venue with its institutional carpet, high-backed chairs and the obligatory pot plant gave the interview the look of an episode of Songs of Praise broadcast from an old folks’ home.

07/01/18 18:32

Andrew Marr said delays to emergency treatment were a 'life and death matter' and recalled his own illness in January 2013 in an interview with Prime Minister Theresa May.

07/01/18 18:07

Mr Rees-Mogg - the favourite of grassroots Tories to be the next leader - said the new Cabinet should focus on delivering core Tory values to make clear the difference with Labour in 2018.

07/01/18 13:49

Theresa May told BBC's Andrew Marr Show she had received a 'clear message' on the issue and said there will not be a vote during this parliament.

07/01/18 13:38

Theresa May was challenged by the BBC's Andrew Marr to say whether she recognised Mr Trump as a 'child or stable genius' amid claims he is not equipped to be President.

06/01/18 21:19

In an open letter signed by 20 MEPs - including Tories Julie Girling and Richard Ashworth (pictured) - the Prime Minister was urged to keep Britain in the single market following Brexit.

06/01/18 16:40

It is understood the Prime Minister will spend the weekend considering to keep Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in his current role until spring due to the deepening crisis in the NHS.

06/01/18 13:56

Theresa May has backed plans for beach clean-ups to rid the environment of the scourge of plastic waste. The PM tweeted her support for community projects ahead of a major speech next week.

06/01/18 13:54

Theresa May has backed away from plans to demote Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in next week’s reshuffle, amid fears he could quit if she does.

05/01/18 18:47

Some Tory MPs are still urging Theresa May (right) to sack Philip Hammond (left), warning that his lukewarm stance on Brexit risks wrecking the UK Government's central mission.

05/01/18 16:41

Annie White, a trainee jeweller, penned a Facebook note to Theresa May following her father’s delay after he fell at his home in Barwell, Leicestershire, on Tuesday.

05/01/18 16:05

Sammy Wilson (pictured), DUP Brexit spokesman, said the Tories had agreed to 'closer liaison' between the two parties after DUP leader Arlene Foster called a halt to Brexit talks last year.

05/01/18 10:35

The group is big enough to force the issue and defeat the Government on new immigration laws due to be debated in Parliament this year.

03/01/18 21:13

Mrs May rejected claims that the NHS is in 'crisis' saying the health service is better prepared 'than ever before' during a visit to Wokingham today. She said she understood if people felt disappointed.

03/01/18 14:54

Lord O'Neill, who served in the Treasury under George Osborne, branded Boris Johnson 'ludicrous' and said it was 'mad' for ministers to focus on relatively small markets such as New Zealand.

03/01/18 13:43

The Prime Minister said more than 16,000 first time buyers have already saved up to £5,000 by changes in the Budget that axed the property tax for 80 per cent of first time buyers.

03/01/18 02:00

Lord Hayward, an elections expert who worked for David Cameron, said Theresa May is on track to lose Barnet to Labour and Kingston to the Liberal Democrats.

03/01/18 01:42

Theresa May will continue to count foreign students towards her target of cutting net immigration to below 100,000 even if they are stripped out of official statistics, regarding it as a matter of trust.