Turkey captures several villages in northern Syria on third day of offensive against US-backed Kurdish militia

23/01/18 00:36

22/01/18 19:18

Kurds protesting about the Turkish military action against the Kurdish YPG militia have been involved in a huge brawl with Turkish Airlines passengers at Hannover airport in Germany.

22/01/18 18:47

Images released by the Islamist group show a jihadist in a wheelchair preparing to carry out the terror attack in Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria in front of his own children.

19/01/18 22:16

Zulfi Hoxha, 25, the son of immigrants from Albania who once ran a pizzeria just outside of Atlantic City, is in Syria fighting in the ranks of ISIS as a senior commander for the radical organization.

19/01/18 13:16

U.S. Pentagon reports that German Deso Dogg - real name Denis Cuspert - died nearly three years ago proved to be false, but now intelligence officials say he has definitely been killed in an airstrike.

16/01/18 23:59

The Australian Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for 20 jihadis who are fighting for radical Islamic terror groups worldwide.

15/01/18 18:55

British pilots 'eliminated' several extremists using the remote-controlled gadgets, which have been used to carry out reconnaissance and bombing raids on innocent Syrians.

15/01/18 07:28

Having made the journey from war-torn Syria in just a T-shirt and shorts two years ago, Sulaiman Wihba (pictured), who now lives in East Sussex, didn't know what his new life in Britain would hold.

13/01/18 02:50

Russia says it has successfully used a guided missile and its special forces to trace and kill Syrian rebels responsible for the devastating New Year's Eve attack on its Hmeymim air base.

12/01/18 09:23

The bodies of two British men killed in Syria after they went to support the Kurdish fight against Islamic State have been repatriated to the UK.

11/01/18 21:11

The drones used in weekend attacks on Russian bases in Syria differed from rudimentary craft earlier used by rebels and could not have been made without foreign help, Russian officials say.

11/01/18 16:23

The four teens, all from south and south-west London, chatted on encrypted messaging app Telegram, under a group called 'Peace', about how to join the terrorist group throughout 2016.

09/01/18 21:17

Muhammet Halit was seen wearing sandals and carrying his shoe polishing gear gazing longingly at the equipment inside in the southeastern province of Adiyaman in a photograph that swept around Turkey.

09/01/18 19:20

Vladimir Putin is poised to create a special force to protect key Russian installations like nuclear power stations from drone attacks in the same week his forces came under attack at its Syria bases.

08/01/18 23:58

Obama's last days in the White House were filled with chaos and f-word confrontations over foreign policy in Iran and Syria, the new documentary The Final Year reveals.

08/01/18 02:55

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon has served in both Gulf Wars, in Bosnia, Kosovo and been to Iraq and Afghanistan. But the crisis in Syria is the worst he has ever known.

07/01/18 18:18

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The siege on Idlib, a province in Syria which is dominated by al-Qaeda-linked militants, was expected following the defeat of ISIS late last year.

06/01/18 17:30

Medical centres are being ceaselessly hit in the air and artillery strikes, aid workers say, as rebel-held areas in the country bear the brunt of Syrian government and Russian attacks.

05/01/18 17:26

Around half of the estimated 850 people from the UK who went to Syria and Iraq have returned home, but Ben Wallace said the Government 'don't know where' those still in the region are.

05/01/18 02:52

The New Year's Eve attack saw rebel shelling rain down on Hmeymim air base in Syria, according to a Russian newspaper, but Russia's defence ministry dismissed the report as 'fake'.

02/01/18 18:53

US arms accounted for just 1.8 per cent of items recovered between 2014 and 2017 in Iraq and Syria while 43.5 per cent of weapons originated in China, according to analysts.

02/01/18 13:49

Activists have leaked information showing Iran is shoring up the Syrian president from a covert spymaster HQ near Damascus airport nicknamed ‘the Glasshouse’.

02/01/18 00:52

President Bashar Assad reshuffled his government on Monday, replacing the ministers of defense, information and industry, Syria's state news agency SANA reported.

30/12/17 23:58

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Syrian forces are excavating two mass graves which have been discovered near the former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

28/12/17 14:30

An ISIS jihadi among the most wanted in France after being convicted of running a recruitment network in the country has been captured in northern Syria by Kurdish YPG militia.

28/12/17 11:44

Kimberley Miners, who once appeared topless in The Sun, was quizzed last year under the Terrorism Act 2000 and had her home in Bradford searched. She's now been released without charge.

27/12/17 18:21

The chief of the Russian General Staff has accused the United States of training former Islamic State fighters in Syria to try to destabilize the country.

27/12/17 17:28

Bashar al-Assad has finally allowed critically ill children to escape the Syrian rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta, where people have been under siege by Assad's forces since 2013.

25/12/17 13:03

A heartbreaking photograph of a Syrian baby who lost an eye in an air strike has gone viral, with users sharing pictures of themselves covering one eye in solidarity.

22/12/17 03:26

Liverpool-born Ismael Watson, 27, travelled to Turkey but was stopped and sent back to Britain as he tried to cross the border into Syria, the Old Bailey heard.

22/12/17 02:18

Australia is withdrawing its air strike operations against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, bringing home the last six Super Hornet fighter jets.

20/12/17 05:29

A young Sydney father accused of travelling to a Middle Eastern war zone to take up arms has appeared in court and is expected to apply for bail on Thursday.

19/12/17 10:48

A 25-year-old Sydney man has been charged with foreign incursion offences on Tuesday. HE allegedly travelled to the Syrian conflict zone in March 2015.

17/12/17 17:01

A notorious Australian jihadi who was deported from the country for plotting terrorist attacks has vanished and is believed to have been killed in an act of retribution.

14/12/17 17:42

The Russian president has been talking tough since Donald Trump’s strike on an airfield used by Syrian forces to launch jets which dropped chemical weapons on a village.

14/12/17 08:16

In an interview on BBCTwo's Newsnight, Sir Richard Dearlove said: 'At the moment there is of course going to be a heightened risk as we've got more returnees coming back from Syria.'

12/12/17 21:18

Saddam al-Hamadi, 26, was arrested by Turkish security forces last month after exploiting an evacuation deal designed to free civilians. He now claims his ex-comrades are flooding to Europe.

12/12/17 17:50

The Russian President was in Syria yesterday to declare that his alliance with Bashar al-Assad had been a success and that Moscow will start to withdraw troops from the war-torn country.

12/12/17 13:00

Investigators claim 18-year-old US citizen Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya, arrested in Houston on Friday, dreamt of being a 'martyr' and had twice tried to get to Syria to join ISIS there.

11/12/17 21:23

The Su-35 nearly hits the Su-30 both which are heavily armed and are believed to be stationed in Syria. This is the jaw dropping moment when one nearly hits the other.

11/12/17 15:01

President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of 'a significant part' of Russian troops from Syria during a surprise visit to the war-torn country on Monday.

11/12/17 11:53

The Su-30 fighter jet emerged behind a cargo plane while on an apparent airdrop mission over Syria. The crazy pilot comes within metres of the open cargo hatch and showboats for the camera.

09/12/17 21:16

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraqi forces had driven the last remnants of Islamic State from the country, three years after the militant group captured about a third of Iraq's territory.

08/12/17 17:54

The abuse and theft of foreign aid is a story as old as the hills into which much of the money disappears. Thus the latest horror is merely a twist in a long-running scandal.

07/12/17 18:47

Explosive footage captures the final moments of a group of ISIS combatants as they desperately fled a battle scene in defeat, in Syria, in September.

07/12/17 17:12

In a major speech on terrorism at the Foreign Office today, Boris Johnson said Britain must be prepared to play its full role on the world.

06/12/17 21:36

Husnain Rashid, of Nelson, Lancashire, allegedly sent a chilling message to his Telegram contacts which showed the silhouette of an Isis fighter next to the young prince.

06/12/17 17:49

General Valery Gerasimov, the Russian Armed Forces Chief of Staff, announced total victory over ISIS on Wednesday, saying: 'As of today, there's no territory controlled by ISIS in Syria.'

05/12/17 08:37

The call came as the Foreign Office halted a £12million taxpayer-funded aid project in Syria over fears some of the cash had gone to terrorists.

05/12/17 06:08

Graphic footage, filmed at an unknown date, has been released by ISIS commanders showing Syrian Arab Air Force pilot Azzam Eid, who was captured in April 2016, burned alive.

05/12/17 04:36

Striking photos, by 12 different Reuters photographers, included a father crying as he flees from ISIS with his daughter, Kurdish fighters with machine guns and a missile being launched.

05/12/17 02:38

'Tell Mrs May this factory may have to close down resulting in many job losses - has she no compassion?'

04/12/17 19:35

A senior US colonel, Ryan Dillon, said the Islamic State is planning 'spectacular attacks' from the desert as it changes from a conventional force into an insurgent group after its recent defeats.

04/12/17 01:27

The British taxpayers’ cash was handed over to set up a civilian police force in Syria. But it emerged officers of the Free Syrian Police stood and watched as women were stoned to death.

03/12/17 14:53

The contents of the files reveals the most hideous tales of death and depravity and of barbaric torture. Pictured: Reporter Ian Birrell in the secret location where the files are held.

02/12/17 13:51

Oliver Hall, 24, pictured, who was killed clearing an ISIS minefield in Raqqa, northern Syria had told his family in Portsmouth he had been bored working as a telecommunications engineer.

30/11/17 12:47

A Syrian man accused of marrying his 13-year-old cousin laughed as he gave evidence to a Sydney jury. His cousin Nadia Tabbaa (pictured) was on 60 Minutes in 2014.

30/11/17 11:02

Oliver Hall, 24, from Portsmouth, was died while trying to clear mines in Raqqa. He left Britain to the war-torn country in August, with no previous military training.

29/11/17 11:39

Orouba Barakat, 60, and Halla Barakat, 23 – both of whom were active in the Syrian opposition against the Assad government - were found dead on September 21 in Istanbul.

28/11/17 16:35

Numbers given by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) in a quarterly September report contradict the numbers of troops that the Pentagon claimed are in Iraq and Syria.

27/11/17 15:16

The father of a 13-year-old girl who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to Syria has denied locking her up and physically abusing family members.

26/11/17 12:11

A Melbourne tradesman and young father was told he was banned from entering the United States, after travelling to Syria in 2011. Michael Bucknell flew to Damascus to visit his dying grandma.

25/11/17 11:48

President Donald Trump has told Turkey's president that the United States will cut off its supply of arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria.

23/11/17 23:06

A secret operation by Israeli special forces in Syria found out that ISIS terrorists were working on transforming laptops into bombs. Donald Trump controversially told Russia about the intel.

23/11/17 12:18

Iraqi forces launched an operation on Thursday to clear the desert bordering Syria of ISIS fighters, in a final push to rid the country of the terrorist group, the military said (not pictured).

21/11/17 17:07

President Donald Trump will get on the phone with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, the Kremlin says, following the Russian leader's visit with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

17/11/17 19:40

A woman who went to Syria to support the Islamic State said Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh treated her son in hospital and 'was not forced to be there.'

17/11/17 16:07

Almost 100 decorative fittings for bow cases, quivers and bridles were transported hundreds of miles to be placed in King Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

17/11/17 12:29

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh was the poster boy for ISIS but behind the slick propaganda videos, his diary showed he was increasingly in 'despair' about the caliphate's direction.

16/11/17 16:52

Mohammed Abdallah, 26, from Manchester, is on trial accused of being a member of Isis, possessing a firearm for terrorist purposes and possessing £2,000 for terrorist purposes.

15/11/17 23:50

Abdalraouf Abdallah, 24, had been sent to live with family in Manchester after he was shot in the back and paralysed from the waist down when the two brothers fought the Gaddafi regime in 2011.

15/11/17 11:12

Jones, from Chatham, Kent, travelled to Syria to join ISIS with her 12-year-old son Joe 'Jojo' Dixon in 2013 but died following a US airstrike on the convoy she was travelling with in June.

14/11/17 00:06

An investigation by the BBC has found that members of Islamic State managed to escape Raqqa following four months of fighting that left the Syrian city t war-torn and ravaged.

13/11/17 08:40

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed to be holed up in the eastern Syria town of Boukamal, which has been the focus of a recent battle between Syrian forces and extremists.

12/11/17 13:36

A Briton who gave up his high-flying City career to fight against ISIS in Syria was detained by anti-terror police after returning to the UK.

11/11/17 01:26

Weeks after his arrival in Britain, Hasan Alkhabbaz groped six women as they made their way through the Joe Strummer Subway in Paddington, London, between November last year and March.

10/11/17 16:03

John Cantlie, 47, who was captured by ISIS in 2012, was reported dead after operations to retake Mosul, Iraq, ended in the summer, but now a former ISIS fighter claims he is still alive.

10/11/17 00:40

Australian Islamic State fighters are believed to have been killed in the Middle East in the past week, according to Acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop.

08/11/17 22:39

A former Syrian diplomat who represented the regime of President Bashar Assad during the country's civil war- is now teaching at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

06/11/17 22:42

Tensions between Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and mainly Shiite Iran continue to rise, with Riyadh warning Tehran it will 'not allow any infringement on national security.'