Putin is a 'clear and present danger' to Britain: Head of the Army warns of Russia's 'eye-watering' military power and how it is using the war in Syria to test its frightening arsenal

23/01/18 00:59

22/01/18 22:36

Special counsel Robert Mueller has interviewed George Nader, an associate of former top White House advisor Steve Bannon, according to a new report.

22/01/18 22:22

At least 52 people were burned alive when a bus ignited in a fireball in Kazakhstan. The dead are believed to be Uzbek citizens, immigrant workers en route to Russia.

22/01/18 19:51

Britain must take action now so that the Armed Forces can tackle the threat from Russia, General Sir Nick Carter, the head of the Army warns.

22/01/18 16:22

The niche gallery was featured in Woman magazine in Russia where pride of place went to model and former beauty queen Anastasia Reshetova, 21.

22/01/18 15:20

Sergey Terekhov, 53, had let his two dogs out of his Lada car to run before he went on a hunting expedition in Russia’s Saratov region. But one canine ended up pulling the trigger of his gun.

22/01/18 15:09

Some £1.4million has allegedly been assigned to World Cup host cities such as Ekaterinburg, to pay for deployment of 'canine KGB' death squads and clear the streets of stray dogs.

22/01/18 14:15

Tense footage shows notorious daredevil Alex Nomernoy, 19, dangling by one hand from a 1,200-foot tower in Russia while giving a thumbs up to the camera. He is renowned for his crazy stunts.

20/01/18 00:24

Countering China's rapidly expanding military and an increasingly aggressive Russia are now the U.S. military's top national security priorities,Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday.

19/01/18 17:53

Nail-biting footage shows Alexandr Chernikov climbing over a railing at the top of a tall building in Moscow, Russia.

19/01/18 16:50

The masked teenager attacker, who acted with others, was named by Russian media as ringleader Anton Bichivin - a pupil at the school in the Buryatia republic of southern Siberia.

19/01/18 15:51

This is the nail-biting moment a brave trucker makes the perilous journey across the ramshackle Kuandinsky bridge in Siberia. Barely wide enough to fit a car, it is 66 feet tall and 1,640 long.

19/01/18 13:36

Irina Gladkikh, 35, flew her 13-year-old daughter from Chelyabinsk to Moscow in the hope of selling her 'first night' to a 'rich client' for £19,100. A shocking video shows the mother admitting her plan.

19/01/18 12:23

Anton Maltsev, 40, a veteran of the Chechen and Kosovan wars, created the exoskeleton from aluminium and steel, covered it in titanium armour, then equipped it with silenced weapons.

19/01/18 00:03

Such is the force of winter in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg that one deserted house looks as if it could almost feature in the film Frozen, where everything Snow Queen Elsa touched turned to ice.

18/01/18 18:33

This is the moment two audacious bank robbers tried to blow open a cash point in a bank in the Russian city of Ufa using a giant balloon filled with a mysterious gas. They were unsuccessful.

18/01/18 17:11

Trump accused Russia is of helping North Korea get supplies in violation of international sanctions and said Pyongyang is getting 'closer every day' to being able to fire a long-range missile at the U.S.

18/01/18 16:51

Russia has been hit by a wave of reports of a giant UFO in the sky last night with spectacular pictures of an enormous glowing ball illuminating northern Siberia.

18/01/18 13:03

The President has been left irritated by the investigation into Russian meddling during and said last month the 'Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Moscow'.

18/01/18 11:16

The married couple - both 34 - are accused of paedophilia after turning their child into a 'sex slave', law enforcement sources say. They are being kept in custody in Volgograd, Russia.

17/01/18 18:24

Facebook is to expand its investigation into whether Russian agents attempted to influence the Brexit vote, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has said.

17/01/18 17:41

This is the enchanting moment a polar fox charmed his way to a free fish supper from a Russian angler catching capelin in the Arctic sea.

17/01/18 13:45

A woman in Russia who was attacked by a doctor in a nightclub went to hospital for treatment only to be sent to the same man she claimed had assaulted her and for him to hit her again.

17/01/18 12:55

Cadet at Vladimir Putin's top pilot training college in Ulyanovsk have caused scandal after footage of them wearing BDSM costumes while writhing to music in their digs emerged.

17/01/18 07:44

Donald Trump's former White House chief strategist refused to answer questions about working for the president during a grilling by the House Intelligence Committee.

16/01/18 22:15

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon arrived in the Capitol complex Tuesday to face investigators in a House Intelligence Committee probe.

16/01/18 21:46

Alesya Kafelnikova, 19, said growing up in Russia her father and mother left her to be raised by nannies and drivers, and only spoke to her in order to berate her, which happened often.

16/01/18 18:20

Moscow experienced its darkest December on record in 2017, with just six minutes of sunshine. Until now, the darkest month was in 2000, when only three hours of sunshine were recorded.

16/01/18 17:53

MPs holding an inquiry into fake news are concerned Russians are creating a ‘treasure hunt’ trail of misinformation, it is understood by planting fake news on Wikipedia.

16/01/18 16:36

The giant carnivore achieved mixed results as it triggered a so-called 'photo trap' on Russia's remote Wrangel Island in Chuckchi Sea.

16/01/18 15:48

Hope Hicks. Washington's communications director, could face the panel as early as this week as the focus turns to pinpoint who was part of the inner circle of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

16/01/18 14:05

Alex Nomernoy, from Moscow, hangs off the front of a moving train in this terrifying clip before getting out his phone and choosing a song. The 19-year-old fist-bumps his friend in a second clip.

16/01/18 13:31

This is the incredible moment a daredevil scales an 1,000 foot radio tower near Galich in Kostromskaya, Russia, before hanging from a ledge by his bare hands.

16/01/18 12:23

A leaflet from the Cold War advising people what to do in the event of war is to be reissued by the Swedish government amid concerns about Russian war games in the region.

16/01/18 10:57

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: An investigation has begun into the mysterious death of a Russian professional climber found dangling in ice from the roof of a student dormitory.

16/01/18 08:33

Russia's Sergey Lavrov warned that Kremlin won't support the US demand for changes in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and called the new US demands to Iran 'deplorable,'

16/01/18 00:56

The planes took off from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray on the coast of Scotland just before 9.30am today in Britain's latest military stand-off with Moscow.

15/01/18 17:49

The existence of the underwater nuclear carrier, codenamed Kanyon by the U.S., has been rumoured in the past, but the leaked draft of Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review confirmed this.

15/01/18 17:22

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon is to appear before the House Intelligence Committee this week, after suffering an extraordinary public break with President Trump.

15/01/18 14:34

Corridors were left covered in blood after the young knifemen launched their attack at School number 127 in the central Russian city of Perm.

15/01/18 11:48

A three-year-old boy and his mother survived jumping from a burning eighth floor apartment in St Petersburg. The woman cradled her son and cushioned his impact when they hit the ground.

13/01/18 02:50

Russia says it has successfully used a guided missile and its special forces to trace and kill Syrian rebels responsible for the devastating New Year's Eve attack on its Hmeymim air base.

12/01/18 18:21

Large deployment of personnel - including engineers and sappers from the Russian Navy's Baltic Fleet - detonated huge bombs during a drill at the Khmelyovka training ground in Kaliningrad.

12/01/18 14:20

Democrat representative Adam Schiff said on Thursday he wanted to interview Ivanka Trump as part of the Russia probe after it was revealed she had valuable information.

12/01/18 14:19

Dmitry Grachyov was convinced his 25-year-old wife Margarita had cheated on him after she demanded a divorce. The Russian drove her to a forest and bound her before severing her limbs.

12/01/18 12:25

Shamed soldier Semen Merezhnikov had been trying to cook his canned food rations by making a fire while stationed in Crimea when he caused his BTR-82 armoured vehicle to go up in flames.

11/01/18 21:11

The drones used in weekend attacks on Russian bases in Syria differed from rudimentary craft earlier used by rebels and could not have been made without foreign help, Russian officials say.

11/01/18 21:09

This is the moment fighting breaks out between two huge Russian groups of thuggish football fans who took each other outside in the freezing cold snow to battle it out.

11/01/18 18:42

The woman, who has not been publicly named, was attacked from behind as she queued for tickets at the circus box office in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk.

11/01/18 16:27

Terrifying footage shows the thrill-seeker lowering his parachute over the edge of a balcony at a high rise residential building in Ivanova, Russia.

11/01/18 14:45

Russian born Tatiana Smurova, who has dropped the Bolton part of her surname, told Mail Online her priority were her two children – with no mention of her soon to be ex Henry Bolton.

11/01/18 02:12

A new Morning Consult poll conducted for Politico found 49 per cent say it's 'likely' the president will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.

10/01/18 23:34

'I'll see what happens. But when they have no collusion and nobody's found any collusion at any level it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview,' Trump said.

10/01/18 18:20

The president's son-in-law is 'not at all' off the hook in the Russia probe, a Republican lawmaker leading Senate investigation into election meddling said Wednesday.

10/01/18 16:53

Their new report warns of deepening Russian interference throughout Europe and says even as some democracies have responded with aggressive countermeasures, Trump has no strategy.

10/01/18 15:12

President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is suing Buzzfeed for publishing the infamous Russia dossier last year.

10/01/18 12:33

A drinker in Russia was so desperate to get his hands on a bottle of wine that he stole an armoured vehicle, drove it to a supermarket, rammed it through the front and then grabbed a bottle off the shelves.

10/01/18 10:25

Yuri Dmitriev, 61, right, is on trial in northwest Russia over allegations that he had taken photographs of his 11-year-old adoptive daughter which could be considered child pornography.

10/01/18 09:34

Videos filmed at Russian 'baiting stations'at unknown locations shows chained bears and tethered and muzzled foxes and badgers are being used to train hunting dogs.

09/01/18 19:20

Vladimir Putin is poised to create a special force to protect key Russian installations like nuclear power stations from drone attacks in the same week his forces came under attack at its Syria bases.

09/01/18 14:24

A child had a miraculous escape after being hurled through a car windscreen when her 'panicking' mother drove the wrong way down a busy road in Plest, Russia, and collided with another vehicle.

09/01/18 13:44

A hero took on icy conditions when he climbed across a frozen body of water to rescue a dog. The man stripped to his underwear and deftly walked across the ice in Sortavala, Russia.

09/01/18 10:02

The explosion of light across large parts of Russia sparked fears of a US attack on North Korea but was also blamed on a UFO visitation or a meteor exploding in the atmosphere.

08/01/18 23:58

Obama's last days in the White House were filled with chaos and f-word confrontations over foreign policy in Iran and Syria, the new documentary The Final Year reveals.

08/01/18 21:33

The White House rejected a groveling apology from the president's former chief strategist on Monday, saying there's not 'any way back' into Trump's good graces for him.

08/01/18 19:42

The Portsmouth-based HMS Westminster has been sent out to shadow the Russian ships RFS Soobraziltenyy and RFS Boikiy and two support vessels off the coast of southern England.

08/01/18 19:24

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya believes she had a brief encounter with Ivanka Trump following her infamous meeting with three top Donald Trump advisors in June 2016.

08/01/18 11:27

Estonian Defence Forces General Riho Terras has confirmed that Russia's massive programme of war games featuring tens of thousands of troops in September simulated an attack against Nato.

08/01/18 10:34

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is apologizing to President Trump and his son, giving quotes to Axios Sunday , offering his regrets.

08/01/18 10:28

Foster father Viktor Lishavsky, 37, from Amursk, Russia, has been accused of more than 900 counts of rape and violent sexual acts mostly against girls aged 13 or under in his care.

08/01/18 09:37

Devastated Tatiana Smurova has told how Henry Bolton denied he was about to leave her when she confronted him just two weeks ago and said: 'My world has fallen apart.'

07/01/18 13:52

The new series portrays a world where Russians move in a world rife with criminal activity, but the embassy moved quickly to point out the difference between fact and fiction.

06/01/18 14:41

Police in Copenhagen, Denmark, say the bottle itself - which is said to be worth £960,000  - was recovered intact, but that the thieves had emptied it of its contents before allegedly dumping it.

06/01/18 14:03

Russia's envoy Vassily Nebenzia said involving the Council was wrong because what was happening in Iran was an 'internal affair' which undermined the reputation of the U.N.'s top body.

06/01/18 06:38

Carl Edward Brewer, 18, is accused of murdering American Airlines pilot Troy Gene Brewer, 60, and his wife Mary Brewer, 64, in their house in Crowley, Texas, in November.

06/01/18 02:03

President Trump directed his White House counsel to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself from the Justice Department's Russia investigation.

05/01/18 23:18

Two GOP senators have made the first known criminal referral from congressional probes of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, targeting former British spy Christopher Steele.

05/01/18 20:59

Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio are making their views known in an opinion column published Thursday on the Washington Examiner's website.

05/01/18 20:11

Under the terms of an inter-governmental deal, House investigators will get access to all remaining documents relating to Russia's alleged interference in last year's U.S. presidential election.

05/01/18 16:04

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon called the infamous June 2016 meeting between top Trump officials and Russians 'treasonous' and said Donald Trump would have been aware of it.