Childcare worker, 51, admits he's been a 'peeping Tom' since he was a child as he's jailed for hiding a camera in a unisex toilet of the centre where he worked

19/01/18 21:28

19/01/18 17:13

Michelle, the mother of a Year 8 boy filmed taking part in a brutal one-punch attack in Perth's central business district says she is proud of her son, saying she taught him 'not to take c*** from anybody'.

19/01/18 14:18

Cats and dogs rescued from a large-scale breeding operation by the RSPCA on Friday were surrendered after the owners were found to have breached local council by-laws.

18/01/18 22:51

A man who left his dog to swelter in a hot car told a group of concerned onlookers his actions were 'fine', on the same day a Bull Mastiff died from heat injuries in a similar situation.

18/01/18 20:24

Linh Doan caught his neighbour stealing his power by plugging an extension cord into the side of his Perth house after theirs was knocked out when an L-plater crashed into their home.

18/01/18 14:45

24-year-old IT consultant Emlyn Thomas flew back home on Saturday after suffering fractures to his skull and bleeding on the brain.

18/01/18 11:43

Disturbing footage of the moment a man is punched in the head and knocked to the ground in Perth emerged online on Wednesday.

17/01/18 23:10

A mastiff breed dog has died after being locked in a car in Perth on Wednesday. The large animal was found trapped by a group of people who tried their best to save him.

17/01/18 22:03

Family and friends of an Australian tourist injured in a Bali scooter crash have been told he may need to learn how to talk again, and have raised almost $40,000 to cover the cost of his life-saving surgery.

17/01/18 16:00

Elaine and Andy Maiden have been left heartbroken after finding their five-bedroom home in Armadale, in Perth's south-east, left in an unliveable state by their female tenant.

17/01/18 13:42

Australian blogger, Constance Hall, has recently spoken out about a harrowing sexual experience as a way to draw attention to ongoing issues of consent and respect.

17/01/18 09:23

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT In the clip a young man can be seen eating a burger and holding a drink on William Street in Perth’s inner city before he is surrounded by a group of boys.

17/01/18 04:54

A Sydney mother who saved for a year to take her two children to Perth was left sitting drenched and bag-less on Monday after her plane landed with no luggage on board.

17/01/18 04:47

A group of West Australian police officers have been embarrassed on Monday as light-fingered thieves stole almost a hundred cannabis plants from a Perth property under police guard overnight.

16/01/18 14:59

A caravan engulfed in flames on the side of a highway took WA firefighters half an hour to extinguish after rushing to contain the blaze approximately 30 kilometres from Perth.

15/01/18 20:02

Move over Blayze Williams - a new glamour model wants to take your world's sexiest truck driver title. A tattoo pin-up chick said she had been driving six years and thinks she might be hotter.

15/01/18 14:55

Qantas passengers have been left outraged after at least one plane took off from Sydney without any baggage. The airline moved swiftly to recover from the debacle and sent bags on the next flight.

15/01/18 14:11

A Perth nurse who was left to bleed to death in her own backyard following a terrifying botched home invasion warns it could happen to anyone.

15/01/18 09:05

Unseasonal rain has lashed Perth - leaving roads flooded and motorists warned to drive to the conditions. More than the month's average rainfall came within hours on Monday afternoon.

15/01/18 07:32

Matthew Alexander Roussety, 27, has been sentenced to 15 months' jail after he stole a $50,000 gold bar from the Perth Mint by hiding it in his underwear.

14/01/18 14:11

Firefighters and volunteers are battling to control a blaze in Perth. Images posted to social media show the city skyline covered in smoke (Perth city pictured)

12/01/18 11:13

Qantas' groundbreaking flight that will travel directly between Perth and London will be named after Western Australia's iconic quokka, it was revealed on Friday.

12/01/18 06:06

A Perth winery owner has been jailed for six years for repeatedly raping a young Japanese woman in his employ. Peter Raymond Costa raped the 24-year-old woman after a night of dinner and wine.

11/01/18 12:12

An unlicensed teenager who crashed a stolen car and killed his best friend while he was high on cannabis wailed at the scene when paramedics arrived at the horror scene in Perth.

11/01/18 03:45

A thief has been caught nicking a large Australia Post parcel from the front porch of a Perth home in a brazen daylight robbery.

10/01/18 14:50

Coward punch attacker Joshua Robert Billington, 21, was released from jail on Wednesday so he could return to the United States to study at Ivy League college Princeton University.

10/01/18 13:52

A tourist has hilariously been blocked from using a Western Australia public toilet by a kangaroo striking a very seductive pose.

10/01/18 09:54

A Perth courier caught on camera throwing a parcel over a two-metre fence has been slammed online for carelessly delivering the goods.

10/01/18 09:34

Princeton University student Joshua Robert Billington, 21, was sentenced to nine months in jail on Wednesday after he coward punched Mitch Davis, 21, outside a Perth nightclub on August 18.

10/01/18 07:48

Australian mother Constance Hall has fired back at cruel trolls for criticising her secret wedding after she tied the knot to father-of-two Denim Cooke.

10/01/18 07:45

During a blitz on Tuesday, police caught dozens of drivers in Perth on their phones, including one woman allegedly watching movies as she drove to work.

10/01/18 00:36

A father-of-two is in hospital with a traumatic brain injury after he fell off his electric skateboard on New Year's Eve and was found laying on ground bleeding from his ears and nose.

10/01/18 00:31

A British woman who fantasised about killing for years before she tortured and murdered an autistic teenager in Australia decorated her home with horror film paraphernalia. 

09/01/18 23:57

He went into hiding after being branded 'Australia's most hated man' for dumping Sam Frost following The Bachelor 2014 finale.

09/01/18 10:04

A seemingly innocent satellite image of a high school in Bunbury, 200kms south of Perth, has revealed what appears to be a prank left by school leavers of the summer holidays.

09/01/18 07:23

The Windsor Hotel in South Perth has implemented a 'no Under 25s' policy in its back bar after 6pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

09/01/18 06:57

Home-grown tech company Canva, which originated from a dusty couch in Perth, has reached Silicon Valley heights after hitting $1 billion in value.

09/01/18 04:32

A bloodied man has stumbled from door to door in a Perth suburb looking for help after allegedly being stabbed by a friend during a fight started when the pair got lost on a crabbing trip.

08/01/18 15:33

A Perth waterfront mansion that once belonged to former Nine Network tycoon Alan Bond is on sale for more than $50 million.

08/01/18 13:20

A group of backpackers who nearly lost their lives in a bizarre drug overdose have offered to repay the Australian state government for the medical bills and hospital treatment that saved them.

08/01/18 05:27

Heartbroken girlfriend of Australian father Clinton James Dally, who was found dead face down on a hotel bed in Bali while on holiday, has described him as a 'good man'.

08/01/18 04:38

An unlucky fisherman has been fined $1,000 for towing his 2.8m boat because it was 30cm too wide for the Kwinana Freeway in Perth, then police bragged about it online.

08/01/18 04:21

Britney Fair, 24, and Callan George, 29, from Perth, wanted to surprise their little girl Ivy, one, with a beautiful beachy cubby that would give her a slice of the coast in their own backyard.

07/01/18 17:41

An Australian couple have managed to make their dream a reality by spending only $99 AUD a year. Peter. 57, and Deb, 52, have been travelling the world for seven years.

07/01/18 14:41

She's the stunning blonde who wowed Australia with her vibrant personality during a reality TV stint.

07/01/18 01:02

An investigation has been launched into the cause of death of 36-year-old Australian father Clinton Dally who found dead in his hotel room in Bali after complaining of a headache.

06/01/18 16:48

An Australian father has been found dead in his hotel room in Bali of what police believe was a heart attack.

06/01/18 15:02

Matildas star Sam Kerr has made some young fans dreams come true after they knocked on her door in Western Australia asking for a game of park soccer and she couldn't resist.

06/01/18 14:14

Being a rockstar means plenty of time spent in transit at airports.

06/01/18 09:10

A female prisoner accused of attacking convicted murderer Trudi Lenon is 'likely' to be charged next week with causing grievous bodily harm. Police have yet to interview the woman.

05/01/18 19:10

The drug that led to a mass overdose involving nine backpackers in Perth is known in Colombia as 'The Devil's Breath', a substance that destroys free will, wipes memories and can be lethal.

05/01/18 19:08

The American tennis star Jack Sock's girlfriend Michala Burns is usually one of his biggest supporters, the American stunner appeared bored as he trained at Perth Arena on Thursday.

05/01/18 18:06

The world's number two tennis player, Roger Federer has cut a relaxed figure walking from Perth's Crown Towers, after he won a place in the Hopman Cup finals.

05/01/18 14:32

The backpackers who almost died from snorting a seasickness drug at their Perth share house believing it was cocaine will have to pay thousands of dollars for their hospital treatment.

05/01/18 12:25

A Perth woman who was allegedly bashed to death by her partner of 18 years has been described as a 'princess' and 'special angel' by her devastated mother.

05/01/18 12:23

Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery has been spotted sporting a casual and comfortable look departing from his hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

04/01/18 20:41

They both signed up for The Bachelor franchise in the pursuit of true love.

04/01/18 18:04

The seven men and two women, aged between 21-25, snorted a white powder they found in a houseshare in a Perth suburb, and descended into various states of 'agitated delirium'.

04/01/18 15:50

Arsonists have been caught on camera as they set fire to a pizza shop in Perth's north, CCTV footage shows.

04/01/18 13:16

A suspected mass drug overdose of nine backpackers at a rental home in Perth came after what they thought was cocaine turned out to be a travel sickness pill (pictured).

04/01/18 12:02

A drunken man who went on an aggressive rant at federal police inside Perth Airport's (pictured) domestic terminal after being kicked off his flight has been charged with three offences

04/01/18 09:09

A gay couple flying to Melbourne who claim they were repeatedly abused with homophobic slurs by a fellow Jetstar passenger claim flight crew did nothing to stop him.

04/01/18 04:43

A backpacker who snorted a synthetic white powder that sent nine people inside a Perth house to hospital in a mass overdose says it felt like his face was 'melting off'.

04/01/18 03:44

Nine people suffering from a suspected mass drug overdose have been described as having 'glassed eyes' and were 'kicking' and 'punching' as they were led out of a Perth house on stretchers.

02/01/18 13:02

Convicted murderer Trudi Lenon, 43, who stabbed and killed an autistic teenager in Perth in 2016 has been attacked by prisoners behind bars on New Year's Day, sustaining severe burns.

02/01/18 13:01

Sydney and Melbourne property prices have gone backwards and are expected to slide in 2018. Victorian capital values dropped for the first month in almost two years, Core Logic data shows.

01/01/18 21:35

A 66-year-old woman is fighting for life in hospital after New Year's Eve fireworks blew up in her face as she handled them at a community fireworks display in Bunbury, WA.

01/01/18 19:31

A Perth mother-of-two was forced to 'give birth' to a cancerous mass alone in the toilet after discovering her pregnancy bump was actually a tumour.

01/01/18 15:01

Reality star Sasha Mielczarek cut a dapper figure at the Perth Cup on Monday, but the 32-year-old revealed via Instagram that he had stolen his suit from best pal Kris Smith.

01/01/18 14:22

He's currently ranked as the second best tennis player in the world. 

31/12/17 18:55

A brave Perth teenager has been told that she is 'lucky not to be paralysed' after a shock trampoline accident fractured her spine. She will spend six weeks in hospital and six more in a back brace.

30/12/17 14:44

The grieving family of an Australian man killed in his Bali villa have slammed local police over the stalled investigation, saying there seems to be a 'complete lack of interest' in solving the case.

29/12/17 14:29

Watch the moment Mark Wadson gets his holiday off to a flying start by proposing to his girlfriend Miranda Naprelac, in front of the whole plane on a Jetstar flight to Bali.

29/12/17 14:27

A Perth man could be facing a very hefty hospital bill after failing to read the small print on his travel insurance policy.  

28/12/17 13:44

She gave birth to her second daughter Willow in October and Snezana Markoski has snapped right back into shape two months after her newborn's joyous arrival.

27/12/17 23:39

Irish father-of-two Charles McCarthy died after a fight with another fisherman in Fremantle, Western Australia, just days before Christmas after he, his wife and another person were waiting for a taxi.

27/12/17 20:18

Tiffany Scanlon, 31, raised suspicions that her picture-perfect figure may not be all it seems after she shared a very suspicious-looking snap of her figure in a tiny bikini this Wednesday.

27/12/17 11:42

Ksenija Lukich shows off her model figure in a skimpy crimson bikini as she hits the beach with husband Dan Bragg.

27/12/17 11:39

China's communist government could soon own an Australian airport after paying just $1 for a 100-year lease on the land.

26/12/17 19:36

The Perth native moved to New York at 17 to pursue modelling,later walking for Victoria's Secret at age 23. But Bridget Malcolm reveals she suffered painful homesickness along the way.