'I'll be prime minister AND a mum': New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern, 37, announces she's pregnant with her first child (and will only take six weeks' leave) 

20/01/18 01:28

19/01/18 23:02

Riley Adams - an aspiring rugby player - has lost sight in his left eye forever after getting a sinus infection while on a cruise to New Zealand with his parents.

18/01/18 15:25

Glass bongs and grotty drug making devices littering the floor beside a toilet could be mistaken for the set of Breaking Bad but photos reveal it was the inside of a drug lab in New Zealand.

18/01/18 13:49

A little boy from New Zealand has showed off his brand new prosthetic eye after having his eye removed as a baby due to cancer fears.

18/01/18 13:13

Daredevil Jamie Lee, 25, showed off how to speed-fly when zooming down the hills surrounding New Zealand's Lake Wanaka just inches from the ground.

17/01/18 23:08

A New Zealand man who left a 'roll your own' cigarette at a crime scene has been sentenced over the $5000 theft after a DNA match gave him away.

17/01/18 17:57

New Zealand teenager Racheal Steiner-Hooker suffers from chronic pain and fatigue, and often struggles to get out of bed in the morning.

17/01/18 16:02

They are one of New Zealand’s most infamous gangs, and now Sydney photographer Casey Morton has pried open a window into the lives of the Black Power gang members.

17/01/18 10:23

A heartbroken New Zealand father-of-two has shared the gory details of his relationship breakdown to social media, including texts between his partner of 10 years and her new boyfriend from CrossFit.

16/01/18 10:43

A man reported missing from Sydney last week has been found safe and well after police raised concern when he missed a train and wasn't seen since December 21.

15/01/18 14:41

A man who was relaxing in a spa pool has been smacked in the head by a fish which fell out of the sky in Auckland, New Zealand.

13/01/18 16:41

Christoper John Lewis, 17, tried to assassinate the Queen with a .22 rifle in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1981. But the incident was swept under the carpet by embarrassed local police.

13/01/18 13:35

A local builder is $50,000 richer after taking a spectacular one-handed catch in New Zealand's one-day international clash with Pakistan.

12/01/18 14:27

Philip Kraal, the owner of restaurant Bamboozle, in New Zealand's Christchurch, has come under fire for his menu which was branded 'juvenile racist trash' over the spelling of some items.

12/01/18 12:25

The young New Zealand father who shot to worldwide infamy after pleading for work despite his large and distinctive 'DEVAST8' face tattoo has been spotted at his new job.

12/01/18 11:50

The University of Tazmania found that a 2012 eruption off the coast of New Zealand was the largest seen for a century. The findings have been described as a 'scientific goldmine.'

12/01/18 00:28

A violent teenage prisoner in New Zealand was on the run for nearly two weeks after being granted six hours of leave to attend a funeral.

11/01/18 00:52

Sick trolls have threatened to use a car to mow down women taking part in a glitter boobs march through Auckland city centre.

10/01/18 22:42

The extinct bat was about three times the size of an average bat today. The fossilized remains of the 19 million year old burrowing bat were found in New Zealand.

10/01/18 11:36

They're enjoying time off over the festive and New Year period. 

10/01/18 10:16

A skydiver has been rushed to hospital and a search is frantically underway for another after a tandem jump went awry with both landing in a lake in New Zealand.

10/01/18 09:40

Courtney Dober has been keen to make the most of his second chance at fame, having treated fans with a sizzling beach-side snap this Wednesday.

10/01/18 07:18

Hours after sharing a joyous New Year's Eve post about his unborn daughter, a New Zealand man committed suicide, sparking calls for those struggling with mental health to speak up.

10/01/18 04:51

A six-year-old New Zealand boy has died in his parents' arms after suffering from a series of seizures.

10/01/18 02:42

Students at the University of Otago in New Zealand were filmed in their underwear as they were vomited on and covered in a green goo poured from a wheelie bin during a 'sadistic' initiation party.

10/01/18 00:43

One woman from Masterton in New Zealand has left people in stitches with her ad on Trade Me for her 'once worn by mistake' wedding dress.

09/01/18 07:35

A woman who was filmed attacking a man who groped her breast at a New Zealand music festival has organised a topless march to fight against harassment.

09/01/18 07:12

Almost two New Zealanders a day are having their visas cancelled as part of a crackdown on foreigners with criminal records living in Australia.

09/01/18 06:11

New Zealanders have long been jumping the ditch to enjoy a new life 'Down Under' - and it turns out there's no shortage of reasons behind why locals are taking the leap. 

09/01/18 02:15

The line-up of American spin off series The Bachelor Winter Games was announced this week - and the cast includes several familiar international stars.

08/01/18 13:23

A man who thought he was on his way to meet up with a 15-year-old boy for sex has been caught in the act by a group of 'creep catchers' in New Zealand. 

08/01/18 10:45

A woman who discovered a red and sweating baby inside a parked car in Whanganui, New Zealand on Wednesday, says the father 'protested' when she pulled him from the vehicle.

08/01/18 04:14

For years New Zealand mum Amanda Tiffen didn't understand why she couldn't lose weight. She was buying foods she thought were healthy, like muesli bars and 'light' yoghurt.

08/01/18 03:57

Victoria's Secret angel Stella Maxwell, 27, from New Zealand, has been announced as the face of Australian designer Alice McCall's new Spring/Summer 2018 campaign.

08/01/18 02:36

Wellington born artist Jono Rotman has spent nearly eight years embedded with the Mighty Mongrel Mob, New Zealand’s largest and most notorious gang, which gave him unprecedented access to

07/01/18 21:25

He's the New Zealand-born actor best known for his role on US drama Grey's Anatomy.

07/01/18 13:44

A group of friends gearing up for a spectacular New Year's Eve in New Zealand had their plans destroyed when they discovered they had been scammed out of $5000 by a fake Airbnb listing.

06/01/18 15:22

As temperatures soar in Australia, an idea from New Zealand could be the perfect solution for Aussies hoping to cut through the heat.

06/01/18 15:10

Australian actress Rebecca Gibney, 53, has shown off her ageless skin in a no make-up selfie she posted to her Instagram account.

06/01/18 14:27

Recently released footage of Shaun White's horrific snowboarding fall last year shows the moment the athlete's face slammed into the lip of the half-pipe in New Zealand.

05/01/18 10:16

Jessica Quinn, from New Zealand, who lost her leg to cancer has proudly shared a raw photograph of herself without the prosthetic limb on to promote body positivity.

04/01/18 20:25

A Bristol Type 170 Freighter plane caused huge delays on the M5 today as it was transported to Filton, Bristol to be fully restored after being shipped over from New Zealand.

04/01/18 13:47

Hundreds of passengers were struck down with severe bouts of gastro just days into the two week cruise on the Sea Princess including Helen Perry who was in isolation after leaving New Zealand.

04/01/18 13:28

A New Zealand father, 54, has tragically lost his own life in a bid to save his daughter, who became caught in a rip at Cable Beach on Tuesday.

04/01/18 12:31

Almost every school in the New Zealand town of Masterton has been trashed in just five months by gangs of youths as young as 10, with windows and TVs smashed in latest attack.

04/01/18 01:16

New Zealand woman Oriwa Kemp was jailed in 2007 for her part in the death of 3-year-old Nia Glassie. A decade later, Kemp has broken her silence on the incident.

04/01/18 00:41

A New Zealand Police advertisement has been slammed for 'violating tradition' after a Samoan officer was pictured wearing a Sikh turban.

03/01/18 14:27

The 'glitter boobs' woman who was filmed attacking a man who groped her at a music festival in New Zealand vows to go topless again because she 'loves getting naked'.

03/01/18 11:52

Radio host and comedian Em Rusciano, 38, weighs in on the moment a topless woman was 'groped' by a man, at a New Year's Eve music festival.

03/01/18 02:46

Gable Tostee has claimed a topless woman who was filmed attacking a man for groping her at a New Zealand music festival was 'out looking for a fight'.  

02/01/18 09:59

A woman who was filmed attacking a man for groping her at a New Zealand music festival claims she should be able to walk around topless without consequence.

02/01/18 09:46

Police in New Zealand are hunting a violent fugitive with a set of distinctive tattoos inked across his face and neck, and members of the public have been warned not to approach him.

02/01/18 01:19

This is the moment a topless woman and her friend attacked a man who appeared to grope one of them at a New Year's Eve music festival in New Zealand. 

01/01/18 23:50

Reuben Gwyn Soloa-Jones was born in May 2016 in Wellington and measured 57cm long. Now Reuben is still 3.25 kilos more than the average seven-month-old boy.

01/01/18 19:32

A group of friends determined to celebrate the New Year with alcohol avoided a town-wide booze ban by setting up camp in 'international waters' on a river in Tairua, New Zealand.

01/01/18 14:24

A flight leaving Auckland in New Zealand bound for Honolulu in Hawaii took off in 2018 but landed last year after an unexpected delay.

01/01/18 11:13

Capitals across Europe have welcomed in the New Year, with Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome and other cities celebrating the start of 2018. Other cities around the world have also held displays.

01/01/18 03:11

Earlier this year Shannon was named one of Forbes top beauty influencers. She shared in a YouTube video her favourite products from 2017 and the majority of her choices are affordable.

30/12/17 14:48

A New Zealand man woke on Saturday morning to find a stranger on his couch. Gordon Pryor, 60, from Mangawhai, kept an eye on the young man before he woke up and told his story.

29/12/17 13:48

Controversial chef Pete Evans has been slammed by a New Zealand doctor who has claimed that his position on the paleo diet is 'potentially harmful bulls**t.'

29/12/17 13:09

A pregnant woman has claimed she's being served horrendously unappetizing meals in tiny portions in the maternity ward of a New Zealand hospital.

29/12/17 12:26

A cleaner has been snapped using a slept-in bed sheet to clean windows at a lakefront motel on New Zealand's North Island.

28/12/17 15:47

Georgia Fowler has shown off the results of her hard work in a black and white printed bikini on a beach, in her native New Zealand.

27/12/17 14:22

The bikie father of AFL star Dustin Martin has been denied entry into Bali for a family Christmas celebration - allegedly because of Australian government intervention.

27/12/17 12:24

A New Zealand woman has performed a citizens arrest on a Chinese tourist who she claims overtook three cars and a bus going 100km/h on the wrong side of the road on Christmas Day.

26/12/17 21:16

Hundreds of people have already tried to cash in on unwanted Christmas gifts, taking to a New Zealand trade forum to get rid of bizarre presents such as a beetroot and a toothpaste dispenser.

25/12/17 12:47

An inspirational pair of New Zealand siblings are sharing profits from their clothing range to help survivors of breast cancer and sexual assault.

24/12/17 11:04

It seems Olympia Valance may have forgotten to tie up all her loose ends before jetting away for the festive season.

24/12/17 08:48

It seems Olympia Valance may have forgotten to tie up all her loose ends before jetting away for the festive season.

23/12/17 15:07

While Australians are constantly being swooped by vicious magpies and swerving to avoid territorial kangaroos, our neighbours across the water are making friends with a much sweeter species.

23/12/17 14:20

A heartbroken mother has shared her grief after losing two children and their father in three different crashes on New Zealand roads. 

21/12/17 08:14

An excavator demolished a home and pushed its wall into the house next door, putting a woman's life at risk as she uses a wheelchair and is trapped in her home of Pt Chevalier, in Auckland

20/12/17 15:30

Australian actress Olympia Valance has shared a picture of her toned tummy on the last day of her New Zealand holiday

20/12/17 15:13

Thousands of New Zealanders have shown their Christmas spirit by taking part in a nationwide Secret Santa for the seventh year running.

19/12/17 21:04

The soap star showed off her daredevil side on Monday as she bungee jumped off a bridge in Queenstown. Olympia has been enjoying a holiday after recording her final scenes in Neighbours.

19/12/17 05:11

The Big Banana and Big Prawn may be facing some rich competition as Milo prepares to launch its very own larger than life tin.

19/12/17 00:39

New Zealand-based filmmaker Fraser Grut is a man with one question on his mind: what are your dreams? His ambitious project is one that's expected to take the next 27 years to complete.

18/12/17 20:52

A man and a woman have been caught on camera appearing to have sex at the intersection of State Highway One and Jetty Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, on Sunday morning.

18/12/17 01:19

A former New Zealand police officer who murdered his wife and attempted to kill her new lover on Anzac Day will spend at least 17 years behind bars.

17/12/17 16:56

Keitha Young, 31, from Auckland, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease while carrying her first child. She opened up to FEMAIL about her battle with the disease, as she slowly recovers.