Momentum plots salary cuts if it wins control of its first council: Senior officials could see pay slashed if hard-Left group gets a majority 

22/01/18 19:42

22/01/18 17:18

The former PM Tony Blair said hard-left infiltration of the Labour party was being assisted by the Jeremy Corbyn leadership.

22/01/18 14:19

Chris Williamson said Jeremy Corbyn is 'the best leader that this party has ever had' in its 117-year history - sparking derision from MPs who pointed out he has not even won a General Election.

19/01/18 12:49

He wants to prevent the government and local authorities from contracting out work - with the public sector legally obligated to prepare an in-house bid.

17/01/18 17:26

Jared O'Mara (pictured), who has cerebral palsy, today said he was 'so pleased to be returning to work' and was spotted voting in Parliament for the first time since October today.

17/01/18 16:58

The leader's spokesman denied the 68-year-old had a 'senior moment' at PMQs after a shadow cabinet source told MailOnline he could be too old to fight an election in 2022.

17/01/18 16:09

Labour centrists fear the controversial hard-left duo will be allowed to return after Momentum activist Christine Shawcroft was elected Labour's new disciplinary chief.

16/01/18 20:37

A shadow cabinet source, who did not wish to be named, told MailOnline that if the parliament runs for a full five years Mr Corbyn, at the age of nearly 73, will be unable to cling on.

16/01/18 18:32

Labour veteran Ann Black (pictured) has been ousted a head of the disciplinary panel by Christine Shawcroft, a member of the left-wing group Momentum

15/01/18 18:02

Emma Reynolds (pictured), a former front bench MP, told the BBC that mandatory re-selection of long-serving MPs would stoke 'division and bitterness' inside Labour.

15/01/18 17:04

After the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, her friend Tracy Brabin won Cox’s seat in the resulting by-election. Unfortunately, now the mask seems to have slipped, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

15/01/18 07:54

The Labour leader pointedly avoided ruling out support for another national vote when the shape of a proposed deal with the EU becomes clear.

14/01/18 16:47

The Labour leader sidestepped questions about whether he endorsed Mr McDonnell's vicious attacks on Ms McVey.

14/01/18 15:36

Labour MP Chris Williamson said that he may have unwittingly made a error - which he would if necessary correct - by not declaring his second home to parliamentary authorities.

14/01/18 15:24

Jeremy Corbyn was at the centre of a row last night after introducing a new category of ‘self-defining women’ in Labour elections in response to pressure from transgender rights supporters.

14/01/18 13:58

Brandon Lewis stressed the need to up the Conservatives' game in the digital sphere as he called for a massive overhaul of campaigning techniques.

14/01/18 10:27

Labour parliamentary candidate Mike Sparling presented a Plymouth Herald article about his former dismissal from a call handler job as evidence of the need for tougher press controls.

12/01/18 19:09

Kezia Dugdale, 36, faced widespread criticism for missing work as a member of Parliament in Edinburgh to take part in the lucrative TV show in Australia.

12/01/18 18:47

Close Corbyn ally Kelvin Hopkins and ex labour minister Ivan Lewis will be grilled by the party's constitutional committee over claims they pestered women.

12/01/18 16:06

Boris Johnson said Labour's leadership appears 'determined' to damage the special relationship and imperil America's investment in Britain.

11/01/18 16:58

Chris Williamson has resigned as shadow fire minister saying he is returning to the backbenches so he can campaign 'on a broader range of issues'.

11/01/18 01:26

Who is smarter when it comes to depicting their opponents as misogynistic knuckle-draggers — Labour or Tories? I’d say that the Corbynistas are, by a country mile, writes STEPHEN GLOVER.

10/01/18 12:56

Shadow fire minister Chris Williamson said the charge for the average Band D property should be increased by a fifth and the largest Band H homes should double.

09/01/18 16:29

Jeremy Corbyn told a meeting of his MPs that quitting the Brussels club meant Britain must also leave the single market - sparking frustration among arch-Remainers on his backbenches.

08/01/18 15:28

Dagan Lonsdale, a medic from London, was introduced only as a 'junior doctor' when he appeared on the TV news show last week and criticised the government over the state of the health service.

05/01/18 23:22

Ex-Cabinet minister Lord Andrew Adonis (pictured) insisted he was a 'democrat' but would work in Parliament to unpick Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

05/01/18 17:11

Sir Keir Starmer was facing serious questions last night over the decision not to prosecute John Worboys over dozens more sex attacks following his conviction in March 2009.

05/01/18 11:01

The former PM accused his party of being 'timid' and 'confused', saying it must force another referendum or general election this year to prevent the country leaving the EU.

04/01/18 12:46

In the run-up to last year's election, Jeremy Corbyn committed Labour to increasing the minimum wage to £10 an hour to boost 20 per cent of the workforce.

04/01/18 11:45

Jack Sargeant, 23, who will fight to represent local people in Alyn and Deeside, said he vowed to find out the truth behind the death of his father, Carl Sargeant, 49, who was found dead at home.

04/01/18 11:22

The shadow education secretary, pictured, made the comment as she defended Labour’s lavish spending and borrowing plans in a frank interview with The Spectator magazine.

04/01/18 10:35

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, pictured appearing on Iranian state TV, has come under pressure to speak out against the regime after he has remained silent on the current protests.

02/01/18 15:25

The clip, which features Mr Corbyn meeting adoring fans, making speeches and playing football with children, has been slammed as suggesting the Labour leader's ‘extreme demagoguery’.

01/01/18 17:41

Jeremy Corbyn has declared Labour is 'staking out the new centre ground' in British politics and he is leading a 'government in waiting'.

31/12/17 21:25

A Labour politician who has fought hard-Left infiltrators for a quarter of a century has fallen victim to a ‘revenge’ mission by Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum activists, it was claimed last night.

31/12/17 12:08

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party will raise taxes on the wealthy in order to invest for the rest of society and told middle class people they will need the NHS so need to fund it.

30/12/17 17:02

Jon Lansman (pictured), who is himself Jewish, said the Labour Party had 'a lot of denial' that the problem really exists. Speaking in Birmingham he said: 'I think it falls into three categories'.

30/12/17 01:45

In a leaked draft of his resignation letter, Lord Adonis complained Brexit was a 'dangerous, populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump'.

28/12/17 16:36

The confusion was laid bare in a YouGov poll which found 32 per cent of people believe Labour is 'completely against Brexit' while 31 per cent see the party as 'completely in favour'.

28/12/17 13:59

Tory MPs last night claimed that Labour’s plans, backed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, would usher in a new era of industrial unrest by taking Britain back to the 1970s.

28/12/17 11:28

The 68-year-old Labour leader denied he lacked the energy to grind through five years of opposition before the next scheduled general election.

28/12/17 11:24

Laura Pidcock, who has previously said she could never be friends with a Tory, has now claimed that she helps more people than Winston Churchill as the role of an MP has 'fundamentally changed'

27/12/17 20:47

Rachel Watson, 43, suffered brain and spinal injuries when she was hit by a car while out running in February. She died later that day in hospital.

27/12/17 17:05

Lord Heseltine should be stripped of the Tory whip for suggesting Brexit could be more damaging to the country than a Corbyn government, the Bow Group has said.

27/12/17 10:40

Tom Watson has torn into the Government for not doing enough to curb gambling in Britain, but it has emerged he took £30,000 in donations from ex casino game developer Derek Webb.

26/12/17 12:32

Those who sneer at the return of our blue British passport are guilty of sneering at people who want this country to take the opportunity of having a much better future outside the EU.

22/12/17 16:12

Jeremy Corbyn said demonstrators should 'turn out' in force when the US President visits London in February to formally open the new American embassy.

22/12/17 13:21

Natalie Lewis-Hoyle was found dead by her mother, Maldon councillor Miriam Lewis, at the family home in Heybridge, Essex last Friday.

21/12/17 13:23

The Labour MP has been under investigation for 16 months over allegations he broke the Commons code of conduct by hiring rent boys under a false name and being taped discussing cocaine.

21/12/17 11:16

After four years of high-octane action involving sex, drugs, and bloody brutality, Peaky Blinders ended with its most shocking scene yet.

19/12/17 14:35

Jeremy Corbyn risked being accused of arrogance after declaring he will be in Downing Street next year. The Labour leader said he'd probably win an election and he's ready for it.

19/12/17 11:37

Mohammad Zain Qureshi, 21, was registered twice at his home in Waltham Forest, in the East London constituency of Chingford and Woodford Green, using a slight variation of his name.

19/12/17 02:27

Labour says more than 100,000 full-time NHS posts are unfilled with the biggest recruitment crisis being in nursing where 43,000 posts are vacant. 11,200 doctor posts are also empty.

18/12/17 17:38

Lord Malloch-Brown, who was a minister in the last Labour government, is taking on a role coordinating the groups fighting to water down our departure from the EU.

18/12/17 12:34

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry (pictured) claimed MPs should be thankful for a flood of young and idealistic activists into Labour.

17/12/17 16:39

Lindsay Hoyle, Labour MP for Chorley, tweeted: 'I am truly devastated by the death of our beautiful daughter Natalie. Our family will never be the same without our loving daughter.'

17/12/17 16:20

Commons Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle shared an image of daughter Natalie online, appealing for information after she was found unconscious at a property in Essex on Friday.

17/12/17 14:41

Fife MSP Alex Rowley, who briefly served as interim leader of the party after Kezia Dugdale stepped down, releasing a statement today.

17/12/17 13:44

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said public service and business lobbies both wanted migration to continue at the current levels. The latest data shows 230,000 arrivals a year.

17/12/17 13:03

Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins abandoned plans to back the Prime Minister in her vote in the Commons after coming under 'intense pressure' from party whips.

17/12/17 12:22

Jeremy Corbyn said a Troy MP should be 'called out' for heckling him during a debate, after which Labour MPs named him on Twitter, leading to a barrage of abuse from Left-wing trolls.

15/12/17 16:36

Jeremy Corbyn was commended by the International Peace Bureau for lobbying to cut military spending and for his work with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

15/12/17 15:12

Nicky Morgan was among 11 Tories who flouted their party bosses and voted through an amendment which forces the PM to give MPs a 'meaningful vote' on the deal.

15/12/17 05:15

Jeremy Corbyn was heckled and called a liar as he tried to persuade Jewish activists his party had ‘zero tolerance’ of anti-Semitism.

14/12/17 11:19

Labour's Kate Hoey, the member for Vauxhall (pictured) cut through the bluster to describe yesterday’s Commons debate as ‘lawyer versus lawyer’.

13/12/17 21:27

Kezia Dugdale escaped suspension for taking an unauthorised leave of absence, but said she regretted the 'issues' her appearance on the programme had caused the party's new leader.

13/12/17 16:25

Kate Osamor, Shadow International Development Secretary, tweeted a link to a campaign calling for the 'boycott, divestment and sanctions' against the country.

13/12/17 14:30

Ava Etemadzadeh, 27, complained that veteran Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins rubbed his crotch against her and sent her pestering texts after they met at a university talk in 2013.

13/12/17 13:38

Jared Mr O'Mara has not turned up to vote or debate in Parliament for six weeks - since he publicly apologised for making racist, homophobic and sexist comments.

13/12/17 07:58

Venice Allan, 42, a single mother from Lewisham, was thrown out of a Labour Christmas party because her 'anti-transgender' views made a trans teen party member Lily Madigan 'feel unsafe'.

13/12/17 04:28

Harriet Harman asked Speaker Bercow to permit an Urgent Question on the resignation of Lord Kerslake meaning the parliamentary day was extended by an hour.

12/12/17 21:33

The Labour leader attended the launch of the Labour Muslim Network whose executive includes Ali Milani, who has previously said Israel has 'no right to exist'.

12/12/17 12:10

Theresa May's Brexit deal appears to have led to a small bounce for her party with YouGov putting them on 42 per cent - a single point ahead of Labour on 41 per cent.

12/12/17 10:39

Clive Lewis (pictured) was accused of squeezing a woman's backside during an event in Brighton. However a Labour investigation found no evidence to substantiate the accusations

11/12/17 21:45

Labour will ‘radicalise’ some of its policies even further, despite concern in the City over its 2017 manifesto. The party did not elaborate further as it prepares for the next election.

11/12/17 18:21

Bobby Vedral (pictured), a banker partner at Goldman Sachs, said the Labour leader could win power within months if Theresa May's ailing government breaks under pressure.

11/12/17 16:50

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, also suggested Cabinet meetings could be held in different towns and cities across the country to make Parliament less London-centric.

11/12/17 11:07

Sir Keir Starmer gave the most detailed account yet of Labour's stance as he hinted that the party could back a second referendum on relations with the EU.

11/12/17 11:06

Tom Watson urged Britons to 'embrace an android' and insist that if the Government invests properly in automation then it could produce as many jobs as it destroys.

11/12/17 11:04

Rachel Reeves will say the UK is in the grip of a loneliness 'epidemic' which urgently needs to be tackled on a national scale.