Wheelchair-bound ISIS suicide bomber says goodbye to his sobbing children before being lowered into an armoured car and blowing himself up in Syria

22/01/18 18:47

19/01/18 22:16

Zulfi Hoxha, 25, the son of immigrants from Albania who once ran a pizzeria just outside of Atlantic City, is in Syria fighting in the ranks of ISIS as a senior commander for the radical organization.

19/01/18 21:18

US Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the Las Vegas shooting may have come as a result of 'potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border.'

19/01/18 13:16

U.S. Pentagon reports that German Deso Dogg - real name Denis Cuspert - died nearly three years ago proved to be false, but now intelligence officials say he has definitely been killed in an airstrike.

18/01/18 20:59

Britain will launch the military mission in Africa with the French because of fears Islamic State cells wiped out in countries such as Libya are re-forming with Al-Qaeda to plot attacks in Europe.

18/01/18 19:21

The five-minute movie, released on social media by pro-ISIS group Abd al Faqir Media, shows an army of terrorists surging through the city streets while ISIS jets race through the skies above.

18/01/18 18:17

Judges rejected a move to overturn the suspended sentence handed to Farhana Ahmed from north-west London, who called for terrorists to attack the west on Facebook.

17/01/18 15:36

Tania Joya became radicalised while growing up in Harrow, London, but now lives in Dallas, Texas after fleeing from the terror group and rejecting extremism.

16/01/18 23:59

The Australian Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for 20 jihadis who are fighting for radical Islamic terror groups worldwide.

16/01/18 23:47

Court documents reveal the would-be murderers were in communication with Junaid Hussain, a notorious Islamist geek from Birmingham who was jailed for hacking Tony Blair's accounts in 2012.

16/01/18 18:13

Umar Ahmed Haque, 25, allegedly planned atrocities across London when he was working at the Lantern of Knowledge Islamic boys secondary school in Leyton, east London, where he taught.

15/01/18 18:55

British pilots 'eliminated' several extremists using the remote-controlled gadgets, which have been used to carry out reconnaissance and bombing raids on innocent Syrians.

12/01/18 17:18

ISIS jihadists have been using what appear to be Bear Grylls' own range of hunting knives to behead their innocent victims in grotesque online videos (EXCLUSIVE).

12/01/18 09:23

The bodies of two British men killed in Syria after they went to support the Kurdish fight against Islamic State have been repatriated to the UK.

11/01/18 23:54

Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell issued a blunt warning to militants, saying: 'ISIS needs to understand that the Joint Force is on orders to annihilate them.'

11/01/18 18:45

The Iraqi authorities have released a picture of the notorious White Beard ISIS executioner shorn of his facial hair to prove he did not manage to bribe his way to freedom after being captured in Mosul.

11/01/18 16:23

The four teens, all from south and south-west London, chatted on encrypted messaging app Telegram, under a group called 'Peace', about how to join the terrorist group throughout 2016.

11/01/18 09:50

Mosul residents have gone from euphoria at the city's rescue after three years of jihadist rule to uncertainty over when rebuilding will start in earnest. The city was liberated by Iraqi forces in July 2017.

11/01/18 09:50

Mosul War Cemetery, which is about a mile west of the now-ruined Old City, contains hundreds of burials from the First and Second World Wars. Many of them have been wrecked by ISIS fanatics.

09/01/18 13:48

Abu Omer, notorious for stoning victims to death, was caught in Mosul, Iraq but then almost immediately freed after being tracked down when locals tipped off troops about his hideout.

08/01/18 17:38

Sudanese asylum seeker Munir Mohammed, 36, of Derby, volunteered for a 'lone wolf' UK mission as he chatted on Facebook with a man he believed was an Islamic State commander.

07/01/18 18:18

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The siege on Idlib, a province in Syria which is dominated by al-Qaeda-linked militants, was expected following the defeat of ISIS late last year.

07/01/18 13:57

An SAS soldier decapitated an ISIS terrorist using only a spade after their unit was ambushed by militants during a patrol in eastern Afghanistan.

05/01/18 17:26

Around half of the estimated 850 people from the UK who went to Syria and Iraq have returned home, but Ben Wallace said the Government 'don't know where' those still in the region are.

05/01/18 16:03

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has visited British troops training their Iraqi counterparts at Taji and and in the capital Baghdad. He announced new UK funding for counter terror operations.

05/01/18 15:10

In a brutal propaganda video purporting to show the execution of a Hamas affiliate, the jihadi group declared war on the Palestinian terror group, which controls much of the Gaza Strip.

02/01/18 18:58

The image, uploaded to messaging app Telegram, shows a man wearing a face scarf with an ISIS flag on it standing across the street from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

02/01/18 18:53

US arms accounted for just 1.8 per cent of items recovered between 2014 and 2017 in Iraq and Syria while 43.5 per cent of weapons originated in China, according to analysts.

02/01/18 11:09

The killer, identified as Abu Omer, was one of the Islamic State terror group's fearsome henchmen and was renowned for stoning people to death in the Iraqi city of Mosul. He was arrested on Friday.

01/01/18 14:08

The jihadists seized the northern Iraqi city in 2014, barring such festivities and threatening severe punishment for anyone opposing their hardline regime.

31/12/17 13:27

Cities across the United States are ramping up security measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve for millions of revelers amid heightened fears of a terror attack.

31/12/17 12:44

A devout Muslim woman stopped wearing the hijab after an ISIS terrorist shot dead her husband in an horrific attack outside a Starbucks cafe in Jakarta. She's now dating an Australian carpenter.

30/12/17 23:58

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Syrian forces are excavating two mass graves which have been discovered near the former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

28/12/17 20:47

President Trump tweeted a neat little graphic Wednesday boasting that his wins against ISIS are bigger than President Obama's.

28/12/17 14:30

An ISIS jihadi among the most wanted in France after being convicted of running a recruitment network in the country has been captured in northern Syria by Kurdish YPG militia.

28/12/17 13:38

Hardly a single building in the old part of Mosul remains intact, officials say, as questions remain about who will pay for such a huge multi-billion-dollar rebuilding project.

28/12/17 12:15

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. ISIS have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing involving multiple blasts at a Shia cultural centre in Kabul that killed at least 40 and injured a further 84.

28/12/17 11:44

Kimberley Miners, who once appeared topless in The Sun, was quizzed last year under the Terrorism Act 2000 and had her home in Bradford searched. She's now been released without charge.

28/12/17 00:11

The fighter appeared in a propaganda video released on Wednesday saying Trump's war on Islam was making the US more vulnerable to terror attacks and would help fuel support globally.

27/12/17 18:21

The chief of the Russian General Staff has accused the United States of training former Islamic State fighters in Syria to try to destabilize the country.

27/12/17 12:17

Australia's most notorious living ISIS fighter, Neil Prakash, has denied being the leader of the Islamic State terror group in his home country.

26/12/17 17:37

A group that monitors extremist organizations says the Islamic State group has posted what is thought to be the first video from affiliated fighters in Somalia.

25/12/17 13:20

The brother of a man who fled Australia to become in ISIS terrorist three years ago was allegedly accepted into the Queensland Police Force.

24/12/17 20:26

Christians celebrated Christmas in Iraq's second city of Mosul for the first time in four years today. As hymns rang out one exiled worshipper said it showed that 'life is returning to Mosul'.

22/12/17 20:38

Theresa May watched from the cockpit for the first time as two Typhoon fighter jets tipped their wings and revealed their deadly arsenal of weapons.

22/12/17 03:26

Liverpool-born Ismael Watson, 27, travelled to Turkey but was stopped and sent back to Britain as he tried to cross the border into Syria, the Old Bailey heard.

22/12/17 02:18

Australia is withdrawing its air strike operations against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, bringing home the last six Super Hornet fighter jets.

22/12/17 00:50

German teenager Linda Wenzel, 17, posted a chilling message to Facebook warning there would be more terror attacks. It is not known when the message was sent or received.

21/12/17 21:57

Linda Wenzel, from the town of Pulsnitz in Saxony, joined the Islamist terror group at the age of 15. She was said to have worked for a female-only brigade that whipped women over their clothing.

20/12/17 20:08

Iftikahar Ali, pictured, from High Wycombe was friends with convicted terrorist Taha Hussain who knew London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt, was today found guilty of 13 terrorism charges.

20/12/17 18:15

David Wright, from Everett, just north of Boston, was the ringleader of the conspiracy to kill Pamela Geller, who has spearheaded scores of events across the nation to decry Islamic extremism.

20/12/17 17:36

A report has given a stark insight into the challenge facing the security services, revealing they are devoting more resources to watching individuals who have had terrorist training or are plotting attacks.

20/12/17 15:12

Husnain Rashid, 31, allegedly sent a chilling message which showed the silhouette of an Isis fighter next to the young prince.

20/12/17 14:55

Days after releasing a picture of a fanatic about to behead Santa in London's Regent's Street, ISIS supporters have issued a 17-point plan to help lone wolves mount attacks at Christmas.

20/12/17 13:12

Naa'imur Rahman, 20, pictured, was allegedly planning to blow up the front gates and then rush in with knives, pepper spray and an explosive suicide vest to kill the Prime Minister.

19/12/17 19:52

Ramita Navai, 44, the daughter of an officer in the pre-revolutionary Iranian navy, won the British Journalism Award for foreign reporting this month for her new film, Isis And The Battle For Iraq.

19/12/17 19:46

Two armed terrorists are making their way through a murky underpass holding multiple weapons on the billboard-type banner which carries the slogan: 'Wait for us on your year parties.'

19/12/17 09:31

ISIS has claimed it has hacked the US Army and State Department and is sending assassins to employees’ homes in a gruesome new propaganda video.

19/12/17 02:05

A DC transit police officer has been found guilty after trying to help ISIS after years of communication with an FBI source posing as a jihadist, traveling to Libya twice and praising the Charlie Hebdo attacks

18/12/17 22:20

Nicholas Young, 36, of Fairfax, was arrested on Wednesday morning. The FBI says he is the first law enforcement officer in the United States to be charged with a terror-related crime.

18/12/17 10:31

The gunmen, aged between 16 and 20, infiltrated Bethel Memorial Church in Quetta, West Pakistan during a Sunday midday service. Nine were killed and more than 50 injured in the violence.

18/12/17 09:20

Chris Phillips, who was once head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, has said there should be 'no surprise' if terrorists strike the UK before December 25.

17/12/17 17:01

A notorious Australian jihadi who was deported from the country for plotting terrorist attacks has vanished and is believed to have been killed in an act of retribution.

16/12/17 14:54

A video circulating on extremist sites purports to be a message from dedicated jihadis, although ISIS has not expanded its official media output to the central African country.

15/12/17 15:23

Chilling posters show a militant in army fatigues and a machine gun with the US capital's Washington National Cathedral engulfed in flames in the background.

15/12/17 15:23

Zoobia Shahnaz, a 27-year-old Pakistani-born resident of Brentwood, Long Island, was being held without bail following her Thursday arraignment.

14/12/17 17:00

Warner Bros on Wednesday released the trailer and poster for the new film The 15:17 to Paris.

14/12/17 13:54

Chilling mocked-up images show New York's Police Commissioner James O'Neill kneeling before a jihadist in Manhattan.

14/12/17 10:24

Anti-terror measures approved by Vladimir Putin ahead of the World Cup 2018 include restricting sales of arms in the regions, banning drones, and ID registers of all ticket-holders.

14/12/17 08:16

In an interview on BBCTwo's Newsnight, Sir Richard Dearlove said: 'At the moment there is of course going to be a heightened risk as we've got more returnees coming back from Syria.'

14/12/17 06:07

The 'dirty dossier' accusing President Trump of asking prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow hotel bed slept in by Barack Obama 'probably has some credibility,' the ex-MI6 boss said on British television.

13/12/17 22:27

Islamic State has threatened to attack Austria's capital city after their latest propaganda poster showed an ISIS fighter a holding a blood-stained knife in Vienna during the festive season.

12/12/17 21:18

Saddam al-Hamadi, 26, was arrested by Turkish security forces last month after exploiting an evacuation deal designed to free civilians. He now claims his ex-comrades are flooding to Europe.

12/12/17 15:53

US President Donald Trump and Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu are shown as prisoners, kneeling before a jihadist executioner in front of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

12/12/17 14:31

The app was suggested for students at an Islamic Studies school in London who are learning Arabic script after a teacher asked for study aid recommendations on Facebook.

12/12/17 13:00

Investigators claim 18-year-old US citizen Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya, arrested in Houston on Friday, dreamt of being a 'martyr' and had twice tried to get to Syria to join ISIS there.

12/12/17 11:26

A pipe bomb went off in an underground tunnel linking the Times Square subway station and the Port Authority bus terminal  Monday morning.

11/12/17 15:19

Four people, including the suspect, were hurt following a pipe bomb explosion in New York on Monday - just weeks after ISIS fanatics threatened to attack the city with a propaganda poster.

10/12/17 17:09

Baroness Chakrabarti branded Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson 'appalling' after he said airstrikes against potential threats were 'legitimate'.

09/12/17 21:16

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraqi forces had driven the last remnants of Islamic State from the country, three years after the militant group captured about a third of Iraq's territory.