Pay up to be in the single market club: France says City will only get full access if Britain hands over billions to Brussels and accepts EU laws FOREVER 

20/01/18 16:47

20/01/18 14:35

The men were seen trying to yank open the back door of a HGV this morning, as they loitered around the trucks and tried to avoid French police patrols in the area.

20/01/18 11:02

Two years ago, the Centre Hospitalier de Calais signed a revolutionary agreement with NHS England so it can treat English patients and charge the NHS.

20/01/18 02:15

The Year In Provence author Peter Mayle, who has died at 78, made Brits fall in love with France but was eventually forced to flee the land he loved.

20/01/18 02:05

Boris was today backed by a leading designer who said it would be possible to construct a crossing over the Channel while leaving the route open to shipping traffic.

19/01/18 21:27

The young woman squeezed between Mr Macron and Mrs May has been revealed as Tamanna Miah (circled), a 24-year-old graduate from Canterbury.

19/01/18 20:11

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron are surrounded by guests who attended last night's party in an image that mirrors a famous selfie taken by Hollywood stars at the 2014 Oscars.

19/01/18 19:12

This is the pulse-raising moment a fearless skier shoots off the edge of a cliff in the French Alps and paraglides into the mountain depths below.

19/01/18 14:25

Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie, the children of Grace Kelly, were joined by Stéphanie's children Pauline and Louis Ducruet for the official opening ceremony on Thursday evening.

19/01/18 14:10

Local chiefs from Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse and Strasbourg wrote an open letter to Parisian officials to ask for relief from the 'extreme tension' caused by migrant arrivals.

19/01/18 08:03

Adult migrants seeking to come to the UK via Calais will have their applications processed within one month, rather than have to wait for six months. Children will have their wait slashed to 25 days.

19/01/18 03:25

His biggest concern was reportedly who had exposed him to The New York Times and The New Yorker, and so Weinstein began to surveil his employees' online correspondence

19/01/18 02:41

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is understood to have put forward the idea of a second Channel Tunnel in meetings at Sandhurst military academy.

19/01/18 00:50

Britain and France signed the Sandhurst Treaty to speed up claims by migrants in Calais applying to move to Britain. The treaty says cases should be resolved within a month.

19/01/18 00:33

The Bayeux Tapestry will be returned to British soil for the first time in 950 years — but not until 2022. France's President Emmanuel Macron is set to announce the loan during a visit on Thursday.

19/01/18 00:14

Patricia Dagorn – who has also been dubbed the ‘Black Widow’ in France – murdered two of the men as she tried to extort their fortunes. The 55-year-old was already in a cell in the Mediterranean city of Nice.

18/01/18 20:59

Britain will launch the military mission in Africa with the French because of fears Islamic State cells wiped out in countries such as Libya are re-forming with Al-Qaeda to plot attacks in Europe.

18/01/18 20:16

Neymar took a step away from the football pitch to show off his keen interest in fashion, as he took to the FROW at the Louis Vuitton F/W2018 at Paris Fashion Week Men's on Thursday

18/01/18 16:19

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is holding talks with Theresa May today, has said he wants to lure lucrative financial services away from London.

18/01/18 11:56

Peter Andre appeared in high spirits as he took to the French mountains with his wife Emily and his two eldest children, Junior and Princess. 

17/01/18 21:28

The French President has been pushing for concessions as part of an overhaul of the so-called Le Touquet agreement.

17/01/18 18:12

In all its lawlessness, chaos and spirit of entitlement, the Jungle camp at Calais shows the political class in France lacks any real determination to sort out the problem.

17/01/18 11:19

The revolutionary new ship Celebrity Edge by Celebrity Cruises will feature a 'magic carpet' which will glide up and down the cruise liner -changing its function as it goes.

16/01/18 14:45

Frightened drivers say they are not calling at certain stations in the French capital's north east in order to 'protect passengers' and themselves.

16/01/18 11:53

Chandler Power, boyfriend of wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin, has shared a throwback of their trip to Europe. After the couple have been forced to consistently battle engagement rumours.

16/01/18 00:59

'The Black Widow' Patricia Dagorn, 57, faces life in prison if found guilty of murdering two of her former flames while trying to extort their fortunes. She appeared in a French court today.

15/01/18 14:23

Frédéric Hemart captured the recognisable spiral storm as it towered above the village landscape and scattered debris into the air in his home of Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts in the very south of France.

15/01/18 12:18

The Tauck's MS Sapphire glides peacefully along the River Seine on a 200 mile cruise through Normandy from Paris. Helen Minsky took the 14-day cruise, exploring northern France.

15/01/18 12:06

With Brexit approaching, and the number of Britain-bound asylum seekers in ports such as Calais growing, the French want the British to take in more migrants and to pay for more border security.

13/01/18 16:08

France's first panda cub Yuan Meng has made its debut public appearance in front of rapturous crowds at Beauval Zoo on Saturday where it was born five months ago.

13/01/18 15:35

French agony aunt Brigitte Lahaie, part of the '100 women' group that condemned what they said was the sexual 'puritanism' caused by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, said women can enjoy rape.

12/01/18 19:57

Calais Hospital, ran in partnership with health chiefs in south Kent, is able to offer 'fast care to any NHS patient' - as hospitals in England reach crisis point.

12/01/18 19:17

Steve Marlet, 44, has been arrested in France and charged with gang-raping a 17-year-old. Steve Marlet was arrested with two other men as Auxerre police investigate an alleged rape in 1997.

12/01/18 00:29

A combination of heavy snowfall and avalanches meant that roads in parts of the French Alps were buried deep beneath the white stuff, making conditions especially treacherous for drivers.

11/01/18 22:23

A group of migrants cross the Italian Alps in a bid to reach France amid perilous conditions.In Bardonecchia, Italy, people were seen battling temperatures as low as -9C.

11/01/18 08:42

Some 500 medics from a variety of specialisms are due to attend a four-day conference in Val d'Isere in France later this month. The doctors are away during major NHS crisis.

10/01/18 23:58

The gorgeous mammal, who lives with his parents Huan Huan and father Yuan Zi, in Beauval Zoo, Paris, is now thriving in his enclosure after mother bear Huan Huan gave birth in August 2016.

10/01/18 21:03

The French government announced on Tuesday that it will lower speed limits on all two-lane highways from 90 kilometres an hour (56mph) to 80kmh (50mph).

10/01/18 16:51

A video captured the moment a woman and her cat share a piece of pizza. The kitten sits on her shoulder and takes a bite each time she does. The pair live in France.

10/01/18 13:57

The video shows the moment a police officer fires a stun gun as another uses tear gas, causing a suspect to be engulfed in flames during an arrest at Place de la Nation in Paris.

10/01/18 12:07

Mountain biker Kilian Bron combined mountain biking with rock-climbing on his trip to the La Clusaz region of the French Alps.

09/01/18 20:08

'Planned obsolescence', which means slowing down products to force consumers to buy new ones, is illegal in France, and if found guilty, Apple could be fined five per cent of its annual sales.

09/01/18 15:41

It comes at a time of heightened tension between France and Israel, as President Emmanuel Macron and PM Edouard Philippe (pictured) refuse to accept Jerusalem as its capital.

09/01/18 14:25

The store in the southern Paris suburb of Creteil caught fire overnight, days after it was daubed swastikas, and three years to the day since the terror attack on another kosher supermarket in the city.

09/01/18 10:57

The American catwalk star - who made her Paris Fashion Week runway debut in September - has managed to beat her mother agewise to landing her first Vogue cover.

09/01/18 09:34

A far-right French mayor in the southern France town of Beaucaire is accused of being 'anti-Muslim' after he scrapped pork-free school meals, declaring them 'anti-Republican'.

09/01/18 08:31

British police have swooped on a French businessman who was allegedly involved in a multi-million pounds Colonel Gaddafi corruption scandal with former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

09/01/18 04:31

John Bromell, 39, was last seen on the Paquis chairlift in the resort of Tignes at 4.30pm on Sunday. He had left his family for one last run when the weather closed in.

08/01/18 02:08

Expenditure on clothing and shoes accounted for only 3.7 per cent of the average household budget in France compared to 5.6 per cent in Britain in 2016, the EU statistics agency Eurostat has revealed.

07/01/18 13:33

NHS trusts are failing to get doctors and nurses to have flu jabs despite fears of a flu epidemic spreading to Britain from France.

06/01/18 13:37

Brigitte Macron's recent criticism does not appear to have bothered her, as she greeted Emine Erdogan at the Elysee Palace in Paris ahead of their husbands' meeting today.

06/01/18 13:37

What is the secret of going on holiday with your extended family? This was the question when Jake Wallis Simons and his wife planned a trip to France with their children and in-laws.

06/01/18 13:23

Two-month-old Tizio was taken from a hospital in Toulouse on Friday night by his father amid fears that the baby - who's life is is in peril unless he receives medical attention - may now be abroad.

06/01/18 08:25

The dead body of a young Englishman, Owen Lewis, last seen drinking in a packed bar in a ski resort in the French Alps, has been found nearby after being spotted by a helicopter.

05/01/18 21:24

Restaurant Aux Quatre Saisons, in Axat, is ranked No1 out of 9,030 eateries in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It has had 144 reviews, with 96% of them 'excellent'.

04/01/18 23:03

A video has emerged in France of a plainclothes policeman beating up a schoolboy suspected of stealing a scooter, while threatening his friends and family with a revolver.

04/01/18 14:33

British negotiators are said to be bracing for an attempt to restrict UK-based fund managers from controlling money held in EU cities like Dublin.

04/01/18 00:09

Donald Trump's comments about the protests in Iran are in danger of putting America on a path to war with the Islamic Republic, French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

03/01/18 21:52

Furious police officers have launched an attack on French first lady Brigitte Macron after they have been forced to stand in torrential rain while guarding her luxury villa in Le Touquet.

03/01/18 20:46

President Emmanuel Macron has announced France is to become the first country to shut down alleged fake news sites and social media accounts after he accused Russia of spreading lies about him.

03/01/18 18:50

Eight months after her husband Emmanuel Macron was elected as President of France, it appears the first lady is not content with waiting in the wings, standing next to or in front of him.

03/01/18 11:15

A father-of-three in his 40s shot himself dead in Dunkirk on January 1 while another officer in his 50s with a long service history took his own life in the Brittany region on the same day.

03/01/18 00:18

It was at around 7pm that the heavily armed attackers raided an antiques salon in the centre of the port town.

02/01/18 18:02

France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb called the recent attacks against police 'unacceptable', and said: 'This violent society cannot continue in the years to come. It must be stopped.'

02/01/18 17:06

The 21-year-old woman was just two weeks away from giving birth when she died on New Year's Eve town of Saint-Martin-d'Hères near Grenoble, France.

02/01/18 13:34

In the video, the driver reverses her car in and out of a tight space trying to park on a street in Nice, France - but hits other cars eight times in the process.

02/01/18 00:52

Aude Picard-Wolff, the mayor of Morette, in Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, emailed her colleagues to say she would no longer be kissing each of them and would prefer to 'shake hands' in the future.

01/01/18 10:00

Families were left sat on buses for up to 10 hours with no toilets and scores of people were stuck in Chambery Airport, France, as heavy snow caused roads to and from resorts were blocked.

29/12/17 20:21

Ce Soir-La - That Night - is a love story set on the night in November 2015 when a wave of terror attacks in Paris left 130 people dead, but victims' families said it was too soon to revisit it.

29/12/17 17:43

Christian Moullec, 58, from Cantal, has been called 'birdman' for his extraordinary relationship with birds, who he says regard him as their mother because he reared them from birth.

28/12/17 16:51

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to raise the issue when he visits Theresa May early in the new year. Sources today said payments by Britain were 'out of the question'.

28/12/17 14:30

An ISIS jihadi among the most wanted in France after being convicted of running a recruitment network in the country has been captured in northern Syria by Kurdish YPG militia.

27/12/17 22:26

The children of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis made a stylish arrival together in Paris to celebrate their mum's 45th birthday on Thursday during the festive period.

26/12/17 21:08

Macron said in July he wanted people 'off the streets, out of the woods' by the end of 2017 and emergency lodgings 'everywhere' in France. But he looks set to miss his deadline.

26/12/17 17:24

Previous reports had shown that China would take the top spot by 2031, but the negative impact on the U.S. economy of President Trump has been less severe than expected, the report said.

26/12/17 10:49

French first lady Brigitte Macron, 64, gets almost 200 letters per day from fans grateful to her for showing older women can still be sexy and can still seduce and attract younger men.

26/12/17 10:45

The Centre for Economics and Business Research had claimed the economy would slow down because of a drop in spending and investment - but last night the think-tank admitted it had got this wrong.

25/12/17 13:25

Actress Melissa George, 41, shares her excitement in celebrating Christmas with her sons, Raphaël, three, and Solal, two, amid custody battle with ex-partner Jean-David Blanc.

25/12/17 13:15

Marie-Louise Wirth,100, has worked at her bar in Isbergues, northern France since it opened in May 1932. She says no milk, no fruit and booze in moderation is the secret to her long life.

25/12/17 01:19

Rescue operations were underway on Sunday afternoon at the Chamrousse Ski Resort in the eastern Isere region of France after the lift broke down at about 3pm local time.