Mar-a-Lago Club diners ridicule Trump's restaurant for serving caviar with PLASTIC SPOONS and 'sad looking' little crackers - months after kitchens at the 'winter White House' were slammed for health violations

21/01/18 20:54

20/01/18 22:14

As the government stalled late on Friday night, Trump's intentions to fly to Florida ahead of the fundraising event halted and he, according to White House sources, is not happy about the delay.

20/01/18 07:06

Trump as quickly skewered on social media as people reminded him of a conversation with Howard Stern in 2004, in which he can told the host that he asked Maples to have an abortion.

20/01/18 06:52

Asked by if Trump is expected to fly to Florida tomorrow, a senior White House official said, 'No I don't. In fact, I think the president's been very clear...He's not leaving until this is finished.'

20/01/18 06:48

President Donald Trump is scheduled to join a bevy of world leaders and CEOs and billionaires in Switzerland next week, although his first order of business is keeping the U.S. government open.

20/01/18 04:17

Comedian, and director of 'Get Out,' Jordan Peele calls President Trump a racist in an upcoming interview airing Sunday.

20/01/18 04:02

President Donald Trump on Friday said he signed into law a bill renewing the National Security Agency's warrantless internet surveillance program, sealing a defeat for digital privacy advocates.

20/01/18 01:23

It was yesterday reported that the pair could miss a chance to converse as they will only be in Swiss town for a few hours at the same time. But Downing Street has now said a slot has been arranged.

20/01/18 01:02

Prosecutors have dropped charges against 129 people who protested the inauguration of President Donald Trump last year to focus on a 'core group' of 59 who they say used 'black-bloc' tactics.

20/01/18 00:27

The president tripped over his tongue at a key moment in his landmark nine-minute speech, complaining about American laws that allow late-term fetuses to be 'born' – not 'aborted.'

19/01/18 22:39

Carl Higbie, a former Navy Seal who was appointed by the Trump administration has resigned after a CNN investigation unearthed racist sexist statements.

19/01/18 22:39

Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, described how she'd watched Shark Week with the president during their alleged affair, in an interview with In Touch magazine in 2011.

19/01/18 22:29

US Ambassador Nikki Haley met with the African Group at the United Nations and told the group how 'very important' Africa is to the US, but did not apologize for Trump's 's***hole' comment.

19/01/18 21:51

Lizzy Mathews, 65, filed the federal lawsuit against Denver Health Medical Center on Saturday, seeking back pay and punitive damages for emotional pain and suffering.

19/01/18 21:06

Americans asked to reach for a word to describe the first year of the Trump Administration frequently come up with 'disgusted,' according to a new poll.

19/01/18 19:25

The President made crass comments in immigration talks with lawmakers during which he called African nations and Haiti 's***holes' and Zambia Tourism incorporated it as part of its advert.

19/01/18 18:35

Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee are demanding the public release of a DOJ memo exposing the Obama administration's attempt to spy on Trump campaign officials.

19/01/18 18:03

Mother Jones obtained an email from 2009 that discussed Stormy Daniels' alleged admission to one political consultant that Trump 'had her spank him with a Forbes magazine' during a sexual affair.

19/01/18 17:57

A pornographic actress who says she slept with Donald Trump shortly after the birth of his youngest son told a magazine reporter that she would be able to identify his genitals.

19/01/18 17:06

Donald Trump's doctor said his lack of sleep may be the cause for his success on Tuesday raising eyebrows in the medical community who all agree it can do more harm than good.

19/01/18 14:23

Trump appeared ready to revolt on Thursday as he dramatically slapped down his chief of staff's claims that he had 'changed' or 'evolved' on immigration after being educated by staff.

19/01/18 12:25

Donald Trump's time in Washington has been shrouded in controversy with his critics claiming his indifference towards foreign nations crosses the border of what can be considered racism.

19/01/18 01:40

House Republican leaders won a key assurance from conservative Freedom Caucus to back a short-term measure to fund the government – and President Trump said the House needs to pass it.

19/01/18 00:08

Mexico has dismissed the president' claim that it's the most dangerous country in the world and reiterated it would not fund the construction of a wall along America's southern border.

18/01/18 23:24

The co-founder of a research firm behind the anti-Trump 'dirty dossier' told congressional investigators in November that he still wasn't sure whether its most salacious claims were for real.

18/01/18 22:41

'There's been an evolutionary process that this president's gone through,' Kelly said after a meeting on Wednesday with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Capitol Hill.

18/01/18 22:35

Experts recommend meals and physical activities that might look and feel familiar to President Trump, but could help him lose the pounds he needs to in order to back away from the obesity line.

18/01/18 20:56

Trump said in a Thursday morning tweet that he does not want the spending plan under development in the House to include a six-year reauthorization of CHIP.

18/01/18 19:08

Former White House intern Jack Breuer held up a 'white power' sign during a photo-op with President Trump and fellow interns in the East Room in November. He worked for Stephen Miller.

18/01/18 18:48

The story of President Trump's alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels had been filed by a Fox News reporter during the final weeks of the elections in October 2016, but editors stopped it.

18/01/18 18:47

Marla Maples is reportedly dating a TV host who called her ex-husband and president, Donald Trump, 'physically disgusting'. The pair were seen at the Polo Bar in New York City Tuesday night.

18/01/18 18:38

'You can be as dark as charcoal [or] lily white, it doesn't matter as long as you're nice to him,' The moderate Republican senator said of the president.

18/01/18 18:23

'Britain needs to focus on those Brexit negotiations right now, which is really important to them,' Tillerson told reporters.

18/01/18 17:11

Trump accused Russia is of helping North Korea get supplies in violation of international sanctions and said Pyongyang is getting 'closer every day' to being able to fire a long-range missile at the U.S.

18/01/18 17:08

Most Americans are feeling bullish about the economy and the president gets much of the credit, according to a new national survey. But Trump's overall numbers are in the toilet.

18/01/18 17:04

Speaking to reporters while flying back to Washington from a visit to the North American West Coast, Tillerson did not make clear if he would formally open the controversial building.

18/01/18 16:45

President Donald Trump is tiptoeing around the first congressional election of the new year as he heads to southwestern Pennsylvania on Thursday to hail the Republican tax cuts he signed last year.

18/01/18 16:43

The Prime Minister and President may only both be at the World Economic Forum for a few hours and aides have today finding a slot for talks was proving difficult.

18/01/18 16:22

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about the company's plans to invest $350billion in the U.S. economy in an interview with ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis.

18/01/18 15:21

As soon as President Donald Trump declared he'd be giving out 'Dishonest & Corrupt Media' awards Chrissy Teigen was ready with the jokes. She continued the laughs Wednesday.

18/01/18 15:03

The president says he plans to 'spend probably four or five days a week' helping Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Congress.

18/01/18 14:59

The secretary of homeland security got grilled in a hearing about whether President Trump used the word 's***hole' in an Oval Office meeting – but acknowledge only hearing 'rough talk.'

18/01/18 14:36

The president claims his conception of a border wall between the U.S. and Canada has 'never changed or evolved' and that it will ultimately be funded by Mexico in some way

18/01/18 14:18

A Quinnipiac University National Poll released on Wednesday found that a majority of women in the US believe President Donald Trump is 'mentally unstable'. Men, however, disagree.

18/01/18 13:03

The President has been left irritated by the investigation into Russian meddling during and said last month the 'Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Moscow'.

18/01/18 12:46

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta suggests President Trump has a common form of heart disease, based on the results of his coronary calcium CT scan.

18/01/18 12:16

The so-called 'winners' of President Donald Trump's 'Fake News Awards' were released in a tweet on Wednesday, with little fanfare. The list went up on the GOP website.

18/01/18 11:05

Eric Trump offered an emphatic defense of his father against charges of racism, saying the only thing he cares about is getting jobs for Americans.

17/01/18 22:55

Porn star Stormy Daniels passed a polygraph test in 2011 as she talked about her 'textbook generic' sexual relations with a married Donald Trump more than a decade ago, In Touch Weekly claims .

17/01/18 22:37

Dr. Ronny Jackson's report declaring Trump, - who does not exercise and routinely ate fast food on the campaign trail - in great shape has been widely mocked on social media.

17/01/18 22:24

President Trump weighs 239 pounds is 6'3" the White House doctor revealed. That makes him overweight with a BMI of 29.9 - 30 would make him obese. He is to lose weight, the doctor said.

17/01/18 21:47

Adam Rippon, 28, who is believed to be the first openly gay athlete to represent the US in the Winter Olympics, criticized the White House for tapping Mike Pence to head the delegation.

17/01/18 19:16

A review of years of Trump giving evidence in lawsuits shows what he would be like if Robert Mueller, the special counsel, deposes him as part of the Russia probe: combative and voluble.

17/01/18 19:01

The Arizona lawmaker compared Trump to a Soviet dictator on Wednesday, delivering a blistering attack on the president to a nearly empty U.S. Senate chamber.

17/01/18 17:33

The writer, Michael Wolff, told staff the working title of his project was 'The Great Transition: The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration.'

17/01/18 16:40

Donald Trump was with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan when he made the jab, which came after Jim Acosta asked a question relating to his 's***hole countries' issue.

17/01/18 16:33

Donald Trump's Washington, D.C. hotel has seen its Yelp ratings plunge this week following reports that the president referred to Third World countries as 's**thole' nations.

17/01/18 16:24

The B-52H Stratofortress bombers and approximately 300 airmen from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana arrived in Guam on Tuesday, in 'routine' support of US Pacific Command.

17/01/18 16:15

After promoting a 'Fake News Awards' event for weeks, the White House now says the ceremony might not happen at all.

17/01/18 15:57

The costs were incurred by the San Diego Sheriff and Police Departments to patrol the local border area and were in addition to cash spent on regular wages for officers and deputies, figures show.

17/01/18 15:36

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has boasted that Trump backed November 'coup' on condition no seized assets left the U.S., a source in the country has told

17/01/18 15:15

When Donald Trump's liberal critics openly mock and abuse him for being fat, mentally sick, or having terrible hair, they expose themselves as a bunch of repulsive hypocrites.

17/01/18 13:13

Donald Trump was revealed to be officially overweight after the results of his physical were released - but plenty of people don't believe it.

17/01/18 12:11

The president says the latest figures back up his tough position on immigration - one of his top policy priorities - but critics say the data provided lacks detail and does not justify his polices.

17/01/18 12:08

The White House says President Donald Trump expressed 'disappointment' with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a phone call about the continued U.S. trade deficit with China.

17/01/18 11:01

President Donald Trump's recent medical examination showed no indication of cognitive impairment or dementia, according to the Navy physician who conducted and supervised it.

17/01/18 07:44

Donald Trump's former White House chief strategist refused to answer questions about working for the president during a grilling by the House Intelligence Committee.

17/01/18 05:39

Porn star Stormy Daniels told Slate's Jacob Weisberg that she had a sexual relationship with a married Donald Trump throughout 2006 and 2007.

17/01/18 00:28

Finasteride, sold under the brand name Propecia, is a widely-used drug that reduces the size of prostate glands and stimulates hair growth. It is also linked to many other severe side effects.

16/01/18 23:46

The 10-minute test, known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (or, MoCA), was designed for medical professionals to determine mild cognitive dysfunction.

16/01/18 23:45

White House staff planning to assist President Donald Trump in his delayed 'Fake News Awards' may risk running afoul of ethics laws, according to ethics experts.

16/01/18 23:21

President Trump seemed delighted to crash a women's event held on the White House campus Tuesday, which was also attended by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

16/01/18 22:15

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon arrived in the Capitol complex Tuesday to face investigators in a House Intelligence Committee probe.

16/01/18 20:59

The Justice Department launched a frontal assault Tuesday on a judge's ruling that protected beneficiaries of the DACA program from the threat of its termination in March.

16/01/18 20:25

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy found a sweet way to stay on President Donald Trump's good side, presenting him with a special jar of his favorite Starburst candy flavors.

16/01/18 19:18

Brianna and Timothy Dargert of Orland Park in Illinois decided to invite Donald and Melania Trump to their big day which took place in May last year, but didn't get an RSVP.

16/01/18 19:13

The controversy followed Trump into a meeting with the president of Kazakhstan. Responding to a question about immigrants, Trump said: 'I want them to come in from everywhere. Everywhere.'

16/01/18 19:08

President Donald Trump's first end-of-year report card is in, and the country is as split as ever about the quality of his schoolwork.

16/01/18 18:59

President Trump's Thursday immigration meeting – now best known for the president's 's***hole' comment – featured shouting, swearing and no deal.

16/01/18 18:37

Adult film star Alana Evans spoke to NBC's Megyn Kelly Tuesday filling in more details about an alleged sexual encounter between a married Donald Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2006.