Harrods will send back 'tacky' Diana and Dodi memorial to Mohamed al Fayed after William and Harry commission new statue for Kensington Palace

12/01/18 18:29

10/01/18 18:12

Portraits of Charlotte show her beaming for the camera as she poses outside Kensington Palace. Royal watchers say she looks like the late Princess Diana did as a child.

05/01/18 10:34

Details of George Michael's relationship with Princess Diana are laid bare in new book George Michael: Freedom: The Ultimate Tribute 1963-2016.

03/01/18 00:18

The Clogau St David’s mine in North Wales produced three generations of Royals’ rings but closed in 1998 as the gold ran out.

02/01/18 13:37

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank spotted a connection to the US in Harry's future after the late royal asked her to read her sons' astrological charts back in 1990.

28/12/17 21:29

A photo of Formula One star Lewis Hamilton dressed in a tartan blazer almost identical to one worn by the Princess of Wales has gone viral after he made controversial comments to his nephew

15/12/17 17:01

Stephen Barnard Head Jeweller at 77 Diamonds in London insists the old three months' salary rule is defunct. He also advises against the current trend for coloured gemstones.

14/12/17 15:40

Yesterday’s announcement by Buckingham Palace that Prince Harry’s fiancee will join the Queen for Christmas at Sandringham represents a change in the attitudes.

11/12/17 15:45

Princess Diana and Prince Charles got their vows wrong and the Queen broke her 1919 tiara. But newly engaged Harry and Meghan will be hoping their big day goes without a hitch.

10/12/17 13:40

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have selected renowned artist Ian Rank-Broadley to carry out the work. The sculptor designed the effigy of the Queen seen on all UK coins.

07/12/17 08:38

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out this week in the Lover’s Knot tiara, an old favourite of Princess Diana, while Camilla chose the Greville tiara, once owned by the Queen Mother.

29/11/17 11:11

Argos' gold plated silver ring also has a three stone design, but with cubic zirconia, not diamonds like Miss Markle's and unlike the Suits star's priceless band, it will set shoppers back £32.99.

28/11/17 18:43

Diana, who also daydreamed about a new life in America, believed that Harry could marry someone from any background or corner of the earth, RICHARD KAY writes.

28/11/17 11:06

Prince Harry said his mother would have been 'so happy' to hear of his engagement to Suits star Miss Markle and that he 'missed' having her around to 'share the news' with.

27/11/17 20:41

Royal engagements are carefully choreographed affairs, as shown by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's announcement. But that hasn't stopped one or two awkward comments being made.

21/11/17 15:50

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE discusses Princess Diana's shawl going under the hammer with a reserve price of £1,000 after she wore it on a four-day tour of Pakistan.

20/11/17 13:05

The 'love of Princess Diana's life Hasnat Khan has got engaged aged 57. The Pakistani surgeon is marrying someone much younger than him, WRITES SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

16/11/17 23:52

After Diana started appearing on front covers around the globe, she carved out an ever more prominent place for herself within the Royal Family. But Philip didn’t like it.

15/11/17 10:46

Patrick McNamara was having a tour around England's Rose in Oxfordshire when he claims to have picked up the voice of the royal while looking at a painting of her.

12/11/17 14:17

The sergeant, known only as Soldier N, was kicked out of the Army after he was convicted of possessing illegal weapons. It later emerged he had claimed the SAS was behind Diana's death.

09/11/17 18:37

Sir Elton John, 70, who was good friends with Princess Diana before her death, spoke of her youngest son at the annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala in New York, on Tuesday.

06/11/17 15:30

As a glamorous blonde royal in a demure pose outside India's most famous building, Queen Mathilde of Belgium inevitably called to mind Princess Diana at a photo call on Monday.

31/10/17 17:34

The Royal Flight was the world's first head of state aircraft unit. The first recorded royal taking place on July 17, 1917 when the then-Prince of Wales enjoyed a 30 minute flight in France.

21/10/17 00:29

Since he met the U.S. actress around 18 months ago, the world has been quick to compare sultry Meghan Markle with her fellow brunette, the Duchess of Cambridge, but she's like Diana.

09/10/17 21:35

John Hoatson, 44, fell in love with Diana when he watched her wedding as an eight-year-old in 1981. After her death he started collecting, and now has more than 13,000 pieces of memorabilia.

03/10/17 08:29

Legendary shoe designer Jimmy Choo, who is currently visiting Australia, has opened up on his relationship with the late Princess Diana, sharing touching details of the time he designed for her.

28/09/17 22:53

Howard Stern and Donald Trump talked about the possibility of requiring women to get HIV tests before Trump would have sex with them. He said he would require Princess Diana to have such a test.

27/09/17 00:59

Trump was a regular guest on Stern's show during the 1990s and early 2000s, where the pair would have misogynistic chats about sex and the attractiveness and worth of women.

25/09/17 00:20

Revelations come from letter written by Dr Alan McGlashan, who was called in to examine the Princess after she had ‘distanced herself’ from the royal medical specialists.

24/09/17 11:09

The Queen’s former physician feared Princess Diana was suffering from an obscure mental disorder that risked ‘dynastic disaster’, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

18/09/17 16:36

They were the seven days that shocked the world, from the death of Princess Diana in Paris to her funeral at Westminster Abbey.

14/09/17 17:47

The bizarre portrait  of Diana caught the eye of the This Morning team, and they were quick to dispatch roving reporter Alison Hammond to the Chesterfield, home to the floral tribute.

13/09/17 18:03

A Derbyshire tribute to Princess Diana has been mocked on social media. A now viral tweet captured the floral display inspired by the late Princess, which has been derided by online critics.

07/09/17 19:45

The Goodfellas and Taxi Driver star, who is planning to open a luxury resort on the Caribbean island, said he will work with the Barbuda Council to rebuild 'what nature has taken away from us'.

06/09/17 15:06

More than half the population of the UK tuned in to the BBC and ITV to watch the event, which took place exactly 20 years ago today, on 6 September 1997.

06/09/17 14:48

The former Harrods boss wrote to Joan Winsbury from Northampton - who had sent him a message of support - marked with the exclusive store's letterhead about Diana's death.

06/09/17 05:16

Housewife Julia McCarthy-Fox, 52, of Horsham, took photos of Diana between 1983 and 1995, travelling thousands of miles around the country to photograph the Princess.

03/09/17 13:58

We are already living in a republic. We just don’t know it yet. Diana Spencer, perhaps the most brilliant politician of our age, destroyed the British monarchy 20 years ago.

02/09/17 12:01

The nation's grief after Princess Diana's death is played out in the BBC's one-off drama Diana and I. The show reveals how three people with no personal connection to the princess were affected.

02/09/17 12:00

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton has shared a poem he penned in tribute to Princess Diana on Instagram, telling social media users he'll never forget her in his toe-curling effort.

01/09/17 21:22

Melanie Hough, curator of Getty Images Hulton archive has identified 10 of the most iconic images of the late royal, which capture both her sense of style and her playful character.

01/09/17 19:43

Close friend of Princess Diana David Emanuel says her former butler Paul Burrell exaggerated how close he was to her, adding it was wrong of her so-called 'rock' to sell secrets in interviews.

01/09/17 07:25

Video obtained by MailOnline shows hustlers selling 'eternal love locks' that are then attached to a Diana monument close to the scene of her death then removing them when tourists walk away.

01/09/17 01:44

Cindy Crawford has paid tribute to Princess Diana on the 20th anniversary of the royal's death.

01/09/17 01:04

Some had come to celebrate her life – with cake and even the odd bottle of champagne. Some unexpectedly found themselves in tears and in mourning all over again

01/09/17 00:24

Charles, the Queen and Prince Philip appeared to be in a reflective mood as they left the Scottish estate in a convoy of Land Rovers. The royals all drove separately, while accompanied by aides.

31/08/17 23:52

Jeweller Rosa Monckton shared a close bond with the Princess after meeting in 1991 and chose her as godmother to her daughter Domenica who has Down's syndrome.

31/08/17 19:05

This morning, tributes have been paid from across the world to the 'truly extraordinary' Diana, Princess of Wales, 20 years after she was killed in a car crash in the French capital.

31/08/17 18:03

Former Met Police officer Ken Wharfe claimed at the time of Diana's death the monarchy was 'jealous' of her popularity, but the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have followed in her footsteps.

31/08/17 15:36

Nick Serpell, 66, of Darwen, Lancashire, was responding to a question on Twitter by BBC presenter Simon McCoy for people's thoughts on the Princess of Wales's death in Paris in 1997.

31/08/17 11:56

Sergeant Xavier Gourmelon led the medically trained Sapeurs-Pompiers first response team in Paris and said her last words were 'My God, what's happened?'.

31/08/17 11:44

RICHARD KAY: Twenty years ago today, I was awoken to the shocking news of Princess Diana’s death. It seemed scarcely credible, because just a few hours earlier she had rung me from Paris.

30/08/17 20:23

Imagining Diana, by Diane Clehane offers readers an account of Diana's storied past, and her imagined future as an icon, lover, and mother of a future king.

30/08/17 20:10

William and Harry, joined by the Duchess of Cambridge, are touring the White Garden, which has been planted in the Princess's memory to mark two decades since she died.

30/08/17 20:08

Paul Burrell has rubbished claims that chauffeur Henri Paul was driving over the limit, insisting Diana's bodyguard would not have allowed him to get behind the wheel.

29/08/17 11:06

Designer Lana Marks had to pull out of a four-day holiday to Milan with the Princess because of her father's death and instead, flew to her native South Africa while Diana went to Paris.

28/08/17 21:43

The Golden Gates at the south of the West London home have been specifically allocated for cards, candles, banners and flowers to commemorate the Princess of Wales.

28/08/17 08:08

Diana sought the advice of DOMINIC LAWSON and his wife about Mohamed Al Fayed following their daughter's second birthday.

28/08/17 01:21

After speaking in two television interviews about Diana's death, William and Harry will draw a line under her passing and turn their focus to continuing her legacy of charity work.

28/08/17 01:12

Debbie Frank, a close friend of the princess, says the pair were studying an astrology chart at Kensington Palace when they saw an eclipse - which often signals an upcoming dramatic event.

28/08/17 01:07

This summer Prince Harry and  William have shared their memories of their mother in a series of interviews. BBC1's Diana, 7 Days, has provided the most intimate portrait yet.

28/08/17 01:06

Diana has too often been dismissed. Too much emphasis has been placed on her beauty. She should be remembered as one of the most important women of the twentieth century.

27/08/17 21:32

Where were you when your mother died? Wherever it was, the answer, of course, would be ‘not in a good place’.

27/08/17 21:06

Henri Paul, the acting head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, was at the wheel of the Mercedes which crashed in the early hours of August 31, 1997 with Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in the back.

27/08/17 19:32

The former Harrods owner branded Diana 'a devoted mother and a wonderful human being'. He said: 'Princess Diana trusted my son and he became a shoulder to lean on at a troubled time in her life.'

27/08/17 19:32

Despite polls showing Charles's popularity waning, it is thought he will keep quiet on the anniversary of Diana's death. Instead, he will leave London with the Duchess of Cornwall.

26/08/17 18:04

Hilary Mantel has called the late Diana a 'phenomenon' in the final five days before the 20th anniversary of her death in a car crash in Paris. Mantel says the princess became a 'creation'.

26/08/17 02:23

Michael Mansfield (pictured) made the comments in a US documentary soon to be broadcast. He said more attention should be paid to the note written by Diana predicting her own death.

26/08/17 01:12

Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy speak to those closest to Princess Diana to examine in detail the events of those final fateful hours that propelled her towards her untimely death in Paris.

26/08/17 01:09

Marking the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, the Daily Mail looked back at how the royals and nation mourned. 350,000 letters of condolence were received in the aftermath.

25/08/17 08:45

Colin Tebbutt, 77, from West Sussex, was the first member of her staff to arrive from London, just hours after her tragic death in Paris on August 31, 1997.

25/08/17 00:51

In this, the fifth part of our poignant series to mark the 20th anniversary of Diana's death, Jonthan Mayo reconstructs the events that transpired on the day before the princess's funeral.

24/08/17 17:25

The sayings of Princess Diana are collated in new book, 'I'm Going To Be Me: The People's Princess Revealed In Her Own Words'. Each sentence in the book reveals her shaky hold on life.

24/08/17 14:25

Princess Diana asked South African designer Lana Marks to design her a one-off handbag in 1995. Lana came up with her now iconic 'Princess Diana' top handled tote bag design.

24/08/17 07:43

In this, the fourth part of our poignant series to mark the 20th anniversary, JONATHAN MAYO reconstructs those momentous events as they happened though the eyes of those involved.

23/08/17 11:01

Lady Sarah McCorquodale, centre, said her sister was ‘religious’ about wearing seatbelts and questioned why she would have failed to do so on her fateful last car journey through Paris.

23/08/17 09:19

Prince Harry and Prince William will discuss their heartbreak at their mother's death in a new BBC documentary to air on Sunday ahead of the 20th anniversary of Diana's death.

23/08/17 08:09

The Queen was 'deeply hurt' by public criticism over her decision to keep the Royal Family at Balmoral in Scotland for a week after Princess Diana's death, a documentary will reveal.

23/08/17 02:39

Jumping to the defence of the Prince of Wales amid a reported slump in the royal's popularity among the public, Dickie Arbiter (pictured right) said the nation must learn to cherish the future king.

23/08/17 00:55

Prince William told a BBC documentary he 'understands' why his mother went on Panorama to discuss her marriage problems, calling it an 'act of desperation'.