Mother-of-six, 41, dies suddenly after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, sparking an investigation

20/01/18 01:00

20/01/18 00:31

Australians are expected to sweat through a scorcher week as temperatures continue to rise above 40C across parts of New South Wales - and the heatwave is set to last until Thursday

19/01/18 23:02

Riley Adams - an aspiring rugby player - has lost sight in his left eye forever after getting a sinus infection while on a cruise to New Zealand with his parents.

19/01/18 22:33

The foster brother of slain schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer has been released from a Brisbane prison on parole. Trent Thorburn was sentenced to four years jail in September on incest and perjury charges.

18/01/18 22:50

The Brisbane Broncos' player allegedly 'slapped and manhandled' a woman known to him on Sunday night and will face court.

18/01/18 03:01

A Brisbane house featuring an amazing 50-metre water slide is up for sale and turning a lot of heads from potential buyers. 

17/01/18 22:25

Winds from a high-pressure system will bring intense outback heat to the coast with parts of Sydney expected to reach 45C for five consecutive days.

17/01/18 17:12

A major American fast food chain is set to test the resolve the New Year's resolutions of many Australians as it begins saturation of the nation.

17/01/18 10:22

The unregistered car an allegedly drunk and unlicensed woman drove 200m down a busy Brisbane boardwalk was littered with broken beer bottles, alcohol cans, and cigarettes.

17/01/18 10:19

The bizarre hit-and-run was filmed on Hale Street in Brisbane and uploaded to Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia on Wednesday.

16/01/18 15:27

Two men who were test driving a car near Brisbane have been charged after they allegedly threatened another man with a firearm before stealing the car.

16/01/18 11:19

The internet prankster who made headlines for plunging into Bondi's iconic Icebergs pool from a balcony has been arrested for performing a similar stunt in Brisbane.

15/01/18 15:01

A 35-year-old man was assaulted and robbed after he got off a bus in the Brisbane suburb of Durack shortly before 8pm Monday where the thieves took off with his possessions including phone and cash.

13/01/18 13:17

This is the stomach-churning moment a carpet python swallows a live possum whole, just metres from a stunned onlookers who watched the incredible moment from their Brisbane home.

12/01/18 09:01

Karyn Cullen, from Brisbane, has found a clever solution to save your half-used jars of pasta sauces and curry pastes. She came up with a hack using Kmart's $1.50 ice cube trays.

12/01/18 04:41

Dave Anei shared the video on Facebook showing a man threatening to 'rip his head off' and bashing on his front screen door in Brisbane on Thursday.

11/01/18 04:44

Up to 100 tonnes of pineapples are rotting in Queensland paddocks after a surplus in the market forced farmers to dump their produce.

10/01/18 22:55

Brisbane mother, Jodie Hollis-Tobin, 21, has given birth to three premature babies in three years, and was told to say goodbye to her youngest child five times.

10/01/18 13:34

Sharing a picture of her postpartum body, Trudi Eade, from Brisbane, explained how she has come to terms with her 'saggy stomach' and stretch marks after the birth of Jada and Marley.

10/01/18 10:16

Footage has emerged showing the moment a deadly eastern brown snake was captured from an unsuspecting construction worker's ute in Brisbane on Tuesday.

10/01/18 02:00

Bree Tomasel, from Brisbane, has been praised for her ingenuity after she shared a $5 babysitting hack that enables parents to keep the kids busy over the summer break.

09/01/18 22:43

A cyclist has been was flung from his bike after being rear-ended on a busy Brisbane road in an accident caused by poor driver visibility.

09/01/18 01:58

A strange notice spotted by a Brisbane resident and posted to social media on Sunday has elicited confusion and amusement. 'Notice: Thank you for noticing this new notice,' the sign reads.

09/01/18 00:26

Samantha Hillman, from Brisbane, has revealed her struggles with body image after she was nearly in tears when she saw a photograph of herself in a swimsuit at the beach.

08/01/18 05:20

Reality TV stars and rumoured couple, Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate, have been caught leaving Brisbane separately, after spending a few days together. 

08/01/18 05:03

A surprisingly somber Nick Kyrgios posed with the Brisbane International trophy on Monday, after crushing American Ryan Harrison to claim his first ATP title on home soil the previous night.

08/01/18 04:04

Juggling luggage at the airport while rushing to catch a flight is something most mere humans have struggled with at one point or another.  

07/01/18 18:46

She's the former Bachelor 'villain' who reportedly found love with Jarrod Woodgate on Bachelor In Paradise.

07/01/18 17:06

A Queensland woman battling 'incurable and terminal' cancer is refusing to give in to the dreadful disease she fears will rob her children of their mother.  

06/01/18 21:47

On Friday, Erin McNaught, 35, turned heads as she flaunted her incredible post-baby body just four months after giving birth to her second child, Ennio Stanley.

06/01/18 15:02

UK rapper Example has given son Evander Maxwell, 3, a swimming lesson at a Brisbane pool, while Australian model mum Erin McNaught looked on.

06/01/18 14:18

Two enormous snakes, including an albino python, which weigh more than 15 kilograms have been seized from a Brisbane house after a public tip-off.

05/01/18 18:48

The Australian model and her British rapper husband welcomed their second son Ennio just four months ago. And Erin McNaught and Example enjoyed their first night out in 'over a year' on Friday.

05/01/18 15:02

Erin McNaught truly is a wonder woman.

04/01/18 15:57

Canadian model Danielle Knudson, 28, clearly hasn't let Milos' unfortunate loss get her down, having sported a winning smile in a Brisbane hotel lobby this Thursday.

04/01/18 13:47

Hundreds of passengers were struck down with severe bouts of gastro just days into the two week cruise on the Sea Princess including Helen Perry who was in isolation after leaving New Zealand.

04/01/18 13:23

A Swedish backpacker and her friend got the fright of their lives after a gigantic frog jumped out of a toilet and lunged at them in Queensland, Australia just after they had flushed.

04/01/18 12:20

Erin McNaught shared an adorable pic of her fast asleep newborn Ennio after the pair enjoyed a day out at Brisbane's South Bank

03/01/18 17:13

She's the blonde stunner whose modelling profile was given a boost when Justin Bieber singled her out on Instagram in 2014.

02/01/18 15:28

She's the wife of Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic who was famously called out and tracked down by Justin Bieber and his fans for her striking good looks.

02/01/18 15:27

A horror smash northwest of Brisbane has left two people dead and a child fighting for life in hospital with severe head injuries.

02/01/18 14:28

A man has been charged over an alleged carjacking which ended when the stolen vehicle smashed into three other cars at an intersection in Brisbane.

02/01/18 01:53

A 51-year-old man will face Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday, charged with stealing two mobile phones from the victim of a horrific Christmas Day crash.

31/12/17 22:46

A man who tragically lost his wife and daughter in a horror Christmas Day car crash in Brisbane's Manly West has been robbed at his hospital bedside by a cold-blooded thief.

31/12/17 21:22

Embattled Wallabies star Karmichael Hunt has been described as 'inconsolable' after he was charged with drug possession in Brisbane and indefinitely stood down from playing and training. 

31/12/17 13:35

New Years Eve festivities across Australia may be heading indoors as thunderstorms and showers are forecasted in the lead up to the stroke of midnight.

31/12/17 13:34

Partygoers will be packing umbrellas in Sydney with cold conditions forecast, but it's Brisbane (pictured) which is expected to be hit hardest with heavy rain and hail expected.

30/12/17 17:34

Wallabies star Karmichael Hunt has been arrested and charged with drug possession after he was allegedly caught by police in Brisbane. 

30/12/17 17:13

A Queensland family discovered a monstrous python in their backyard on Boxing Day. The 1.8metre snake had caught a possum and was fighting to eat the animal.

30/12/17 13:04

A man has been seriously injured after a thief allegedly stole his ute, rammed into him and flung him off the bonnet before speeding away south of Brisbane.

29/12/17 22:07

A 36-year-old Emerald man has been charged after he was allegedly caught attempting to kidnap a little girl from the back of a parked car in central Queensland.

29/12/17 15:40

A teenage boy who was killed in a horrific gym accident in Brisbane has saved the lives of seven people - including three kids - through organ donation.

29/12/17 13:38

After 14 years, Bill and Barbara Moore have donned the famous red costumes to entertain children at Gympie, north of Brisbane. However political correctness is ending that.

29/12/17 12:20

A man in Brisbane has been caught trying to kidnap a child from the back seat of a car. Police are hunting for the man after CCTV footage caught him grabbing an eight-year-old girl.

29/12/17 12:19

A three-year-old boy has been killed after he was hit by his father reversing a four-wheel drive in a driveway in Brisbane.

29/12/17 10:55

Two men have faced court in Brisbane for their role in a horrific carjacking in Brisbane on Wednesday morning, which saw a man beaten unconscious and a woman sexually assaulted.

28/12/17 23:28

The driver of a BMW that crashed into another car on Christmas Day, killing an 18-year-old girl and her mother, has been identified as Mark Veneris, 46. 

28/12/17 18:12

The heart-stopping moment a drunk man fell onto a set of tracks at a Brisbane train station has been caught on CCTV.

28/12/17 13:50

A 1.5-metre carpet python has been busted trying to find relief from the intense Brisbane heat by hiding in a couple's toilet.

28/12/17 12:44

A Wimbledon champion is among hundreds of passengers bound for Australia who were forced to turn around after their plane started losing fuel.

28/12/17 12:22

Commuters have been left stationary after a fatal crash on Brisbane's Bruce Highway. A motorbike rider was killed in a northbound crash about 4.30pm, leading police to block all northbound lanes. 

28/12/17 11:28

Police are hunting four men of African appearance after an alleged violent robbery in which a woman was bashed and a car was stolen.

27/12/17 16:40

A Brisbane model who bragged about avoiding arrest while selling hundreds of ecstasy pills for her drug dealer boyfriend has been jailed for four years.

27/12/17 13:49

A police dog was mauled by confused pooches after a violent home invasion south of Brisbane that saw a 10-year-old boy get shot in the shoulder as his dad threw a paint tin.

27/12/17 12:36

 She's been flaunting her relationship with younger beau Keith Frazer of late. 

27/12/17 11:31

A Virgin Australia plane's rough landing at the Sunshine Coast Airport on Wednesday has injured several passengers.

27/12/17 02:59

A 10-year-old boy has been taken to hospital with a gunshot would, following a home invasion in Brisbane on Boxing Day. The child was with his father when two armed men broke into their home.

26/12/17 19:44

The victims of a horror Christmas Day smash in Brisbane are being mourned by devastated family, friends and members of their grieving community.

25/12/17 16:17

More than 13,000 homes were left without power on Christmas Day in south-east Queensland, as severe storms battered the region. NSW was also hit by power shortages.

25/12/17 14:20

Skies will be sunny over most of Australia for Christmas with warm temperatures forecast for barbeques and pool party across much of the country, but the east coast will be hit with rain.

25/12/17 12:47

A 'horrific' Christmas Day crash between two sedans in Brisbane's east has left a teenage girl dead and three other people clinging to life. Two had to be cut from the wreck before they could be hospitalised.

24/12/17 16:45

Sydneysiders were gifted an early Christmas present on Sunday morning with sunny conditions across the city.

24/12/17 11:14

The grieving fiancee of a Brisbane man killed in a horror motor cycle accident the week before Christmas has paid tribute to the father-of-three.

24/12/17 02:51

The weather forecasts for Christmas Day 2017 are in - and it's not looking good for the east coast of Australia.

23/12/17 22:28

Ruby Rose, 31, and Jessica Origliasso, 32, have been spotted packing on the PDA at Brisbane Airport, on Saturday.

23/12/17 01:08

A Brisbane high school has been accused of 'indoctrinating' students by asking them to complete assignments on changing the Australian flag and criticising US President Donald Trump.

22/12/17 09:11

Naomi Watts was spotted with her two sons at Brisbane Airport on Friday, arriving in her native Australia just in time for Christmas.

22/12/17 03:09

Security measures in Australia's major cities are being ramped-up for Christmas and New year's Eve in the aftermath of the latest car-style attack.

22/12/17 02:24

Brisbane cosmetic physician, Dr Mary Dingley, said the festive season is one of the most popular times of the year for having cosmetic procedures done.

21/12/17 20:48

A 'careless' immigrant driver who killed a 27-year-old fitness model at an intersection in south Brisbane has been spared jail despite pleading guilty.