Claim on home cover if your bag goes missing on the beach

Holidaymakers who are victims of theft can get four times as much by claiming on their home insurance rather than a travel policy. Many have no idea they can use home contents insurance to claim for luggage and valuables lost or stolen overseas, and rely on travel insurance instead. But baggage cover offered by travel insurers isn't very generous.

Jackie and Steve Reeves were told they could sue Thomas Cook for compensation on a 'no-win no-fee' basis. But when they decided to back out, they were stung with a massive bill.

Travellers looking for a cheap trip in 2018 can typically save a third on their flight by booking exactly 60 days before departure to most continents, according to exclusive data.

Families preparing to banish the post-Christmas blues by planning a holiday next year are being warned to take extra care when booking online.

The new products will be launched tomorrow as part of a reboot of its financial services under a new division called Thomas Cook Money.

Who stays at the Lakeside Shopping Centre hotel? I do.

Before you shell out thousands of pounds on a luxury shopping trip to New York, you do realise you can get the same stuff down the road for peanuts and make a weekend of it? asks a writer who took his family to Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex for the weekend. The return fare was just £5 to get across the River Thames at Dartford.

Booking hotel direct often cheaper than comparison sites

Travel booking websites are a good gauge for price and impartial reviews from travellers - but booking direct and haggling can often reap rewards. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps...

How do I find cheap skiing holiday deals

With winter on the horizon many dream of a holiday – not just in the sunshine but also on the ski slopes. Here, The Mail on Sunday traverses the cost of this pricey but exciting sport to turn it into an affordable reality.The secret to an affordable ski holiday is not just where you go – but also when.

A guide to getting the best travel money deals around

Many tourists squander money by using expensive plastic or relying on banks and airport vendors to buy currency. Choosing wisely before departure means more to spend on arrival - with a smug holiday feeling thrown in for free. Here is how you can get the best deal for travel money. Matthew Frenchman and wife Gemma use a WeSwap card for their trips to the South of France.

London Southend Airport has launched a service that allows travellers to connect to Aer Lingus transatlantic destinations.A trip from Southend to JFK, New York will cost £199.

An investigation by Which? said that travel firms and airlines regularly gave travellers inaccurate information about what is covered by the Air Travel Organiser's Licence scheme (ATOL).

Figures show that passengers who flew on 326 Monarch flights over the past year qualify for a payout. But with the airline in administration, there is no guarantee that there will be money left.

First British Airways's computer systems crashed causing thousands of passengers to miss flights. Then Ryanair announced it was cancelling 20,000 flights due to a shortage of pilots.

The Ryanair flight foul-up has shone a spotlight on the weaknesses of many travel insurance policies - especially no-frills deals selected simply on price.

Passengers who are on a flight which is heavily delayed or cancelled have the right to compensation under European law. We explain what how much you're entitled to and how to claim it.

Monarch Airlines goes bust leaving passengers stranded

More than 110,000 British tourists are stranded overseas today (Las Palmas right) after Monarch Airlines collapsed. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been ordered by the Government to charter more than 30 aircraft to bring the passengers back to the UK over the next two weeks. Travellers arrived at airports across the UK (Gatwick left) and Europe this morning to be told that their flights were cancelled while 300,000 future bookings involving 750,000 customers have also been axed (inset). The collapse - the largest to ever hit a UK airline - happened at 3am when all planes were on the ground and could be seized. Administrators have confirmed package holidaymakers will be flown home for free or get a full refund on bookings - but flight-only customers are likely to be left out of pocket.

Left over dosh: If you have currency that you didn't use on holiday then make sure you don't lose out when selling it back.

Travellers with leftover holiday money often face a dilemma over what to do with their unused currency. We explain how to sell it back without losing out.

About 400,000 Ryanair passengers have had their flights cancelled at the last minute - ruining their hopes of a smooth autumn getaway.

A gap year offers school-leavers or graduates a taste of adventure. Here is our survival guide for those preparing to pack their bags. Patrick Walker (pictured) used a pre-paid card.

Ryanair has promised alternative flights or refunds to customers hit by its decision to cancel up to 50 flights daily for the next six weeks. So what are your rights if you are affected?

When Alice O'Connor put down £35,000 as a 50 per cent deposit on a new-build holiday home in Calabria, southern Italy, she was certain she was on to a terrific deal.

While four of the ten fastest growing currencies over the summer were in the Far East, New Zealand took the top spot, with New Zealand dollar sales up 124% on a year ago.

Your car hire complaints could lead to Spanish clampdown

British authorities have asked the consumer watchdog in Spain to launch an investigation into car hire rip-offs after we submitted a dossier of damning evidence. We acted after being inundated with hundreds of complaints from holidaymakers who claim they were swindled at car rental desks.

Responding to Money Mail's investigation into tactics used by overseas car rental firms to sell insurance, the ABI has issued five key tips to help holidaymakers avoid some of the traps.

Post Office accused of currency post code lottery

FairFx said pound to euro board rates vary from €1.01 in Manchester to €1.0634 in Glasgow - which equates to a difference of €53 for every £1,000 exchanged. It also said that dollar rates varied by 8 per cent depending on which branch was visited, meaning that holidaymakers would be $100 dollar worse off for every £1,000 exchanged.

Car hire firms have been criticised for ripping off drivers when they get to collection desks across Europe. Richard Knubben, director of car hire trade body Leaseurope, responds.

Wind down (before you take off) at an airport lounge

Lounges allow passengers to escape the chaos of the airport terminal and chill out with comfortable seating, unlimited food and drink and free wi-fi. But with entry to the most luxurious lounges costing £40 or more, the price tag might put some off. Yet there are ways to cut costs, especially for regular travellers.

Choosing to pay in pounds incurs a 'Dynamic Currency Conversion' that heaps on an average 6 per cent extra to the cost - and that's on top of a less competitive exchange rate.

We fell for a fake Airbnb Sicilian villa and lost £4,000

After trawling through hundreds of Airbnb listings, Jeremy Smith, pictured, found the ideal property - a stunning four-bedroom villa with a pool in Sicily. But a fraudster had hijacked the account of a legitimate Airbnb member and uploaded bogus property details - and as Jeremy paid outside the Airbnb system, he lost £4,000. We reveal how fraudsters are scamming Britons renting holiday homes - and how you an avoid it happening.

We have been bombarded with thousands of messages and responses after our investigations revealed the dirty tricks these firms use to rip off tourists in Europe.

If Money Mail's postbag is anything to go by, many of those heading abroad are finding it's just adding to their anxieties.

We put the smartest money transfer apps to the test

There's now a whole heap of companies promising faster, cheaper and simpler ways to move your money abroad using just your smartphone - but are they really any good? We have taken a look at a few of these shiny new apps promising to send money with just a mobile number or load up money via your mobile wallet to see if they really are that easy to use and whether they offer anything different.

Need to send cash abroad? Banks no longer have the monopoly on money transfer. Here is a rundown of the cheapest ways to move your money around - however much you need to send.

This is Money has rounded up the top five simple tricks holidaymakers can use to top up their Avios points pot.

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