The latest Instagram obsession everyone is trying is Blue Majik and people can't stop posting pictures of their blue food. Blue Majik is a highly pigmented powder extracted from spirulina.

Starbucks has secret off-the-menu alcoholic beverages at their Reserve Roastery location in Seattle. Customers can order an Espresso Martini, Espresso IPA, or whiskey infused drinks.

From using an apple slice to soften brown sugar to cutting your cheesecake with dental floss, these simple but effective hacks from amateur chefs will make life in the kitchen a lot smoother.

Helpful tips and tricks reveal how to make your kitchen supplies go further. They suggest making your own detergent which could end up costing just 1p a load, and bulking out mince with lentils.

Savvy Shopper author shares her £1 dinner meal plan

Amy Sheppard (left), 38, of Cornwall, reveals her tricks for keeping grocery costs low. Her advice is that you only need to visit one supermarket and to plan out your meals very carefully for the week, choosing to make dinners that share the same ingredients. Her £28 meal plan includes recipes for a Chicken, Cheese and Leek Patty (right) and Sweetcorn Soup (inset).

Chris Pratt, 38, has returned to Instagram after a one-month hiatus to reveal he has a farm on which he raises lambs for their meat. But a photo of meat from one of his lambs has sparked fury.

Cheeky brands have been known to trick people with packets that look like they contain more food than they really do thanks to some very sly packaging. BoredPanda has shared the funniest examples.

Boys With Bread launched on Instagram in December. The account posts pictures of good-looking men with different kinds of bread. Some are about to eat it, while others are baking or selling it.

Flour Shop opened in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood in November. Owner Amirah Kassem left a fashion industry job to open the business out of her apartment five years ago.

Prue, 77, says she sucked up to men in the industry to get ahead in a new revealing interview. She was one of the first women to forge a catering empire - and used her wiles to become successful.

Nadiya Hussain, 33, said going vegan wasn't as hard as she thought and now she and her family have cut out cow's milk and only eat meat at weekends, she wrote in BBC Good Food.

If you tend to stick to the house wine in restaurant to avoid embarrassment, these handy infographics from a British retailer will help you to give even the in-house sommelier a run for their money.

Walkers is introducing three new flavours: Chilli and Lime, Hot Chicken Wings, and Jalapeno and Cheese, and each is specially designed to be enjoyed with a pint of beer.

Data from Pinterest compiled by has revealed that Moroccan cuisine, ghee, and clean cocktails will be replacing rainbow bagels and unicorn lattes on your Instagram feed.

BBC Good Food reveals snack swaps to cut sugar intake

Public Health England warned that children eat three times too much sugar thus month. Here, BBC Good Food suggests 10 easy swaps that will reduce sugar intake but are still a treat for kids. They include swapping a mini roll for shortbread, reducing sugar by 8g, and a muffin for a mini croissant, which saves 24g of sugar.

An anonymous flight attendant has lifted the lid on what it's really like to work in the air and has some concerning revelations about the coffee served on an airplane.

Food Journalist Imogen Blake tries the rare chocolate treat, one of only 371. The eggs are disguised in normal wrappers and usually hidden in shops. They can be worth up to £2,000.

Customer Sophie Gadd shared a copy of the menu on Twitter, which featured nibbles such as green olives priced at '03:00'. The restaurant is believed to be London's Rail House Cafe.

Chocolate said to lower blood pressure, boost mood and even make you a genius, according to various experts and studies. It's also reported to protect skin from sun damage.

Defoe, of Bournemouth FC, says he now hopes he will play into his early 40s thanks to his mostly vegan diet. He also credits not getting any injuries last season with his new eating regime.

Aquafaba is the name given to chickpea water, which vegans are raving about as the substance acts just like an egg. When whipped, it looks like egg whites and can be used for a variety of treats.

Some parents order edible prints of their scans to decorate baby shower cakes but many would struggle to cut into a cake that features a picture of a real-life foetus on top of the bake.

KFC has just released three mixologist-crafted cocktails that fans can make at home, and each one is made using the restaurant's signature gravy.

Bon Appetit has created a video of kids trying the most expensive dishes from the last 100 years to gauge their reactions and the result is hilarious.

Chicken Shop in Kentish Town was told to shut down by food hygiene inspectors after they found an infestation of flies and rodent droppings on the floor and even on chopping boards.

Karyn Cullen, from Brisbane, has found a clever solution to save your half-used jars of pasta sauces and curry pastes. She came up with a hack using Kmart's $1.50 ice cube trays.

Vegan launches rant at meat-eating woman for enjoying tofu

Anna Del Rey, of Michigan, was accused of 'pretending to be a vegan' after she shared a recipe for tofurkey on a Facebook group. When she told a vegan she still ate meat, the anonymous correspondent was furious and accused her of 'appropriating' plant-based food.

Hygiene expert Lisa Yakas, of public health company NSF International, says you need to thoroughly clean a sink once a week - or straight away if you've been handling raw meat.

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Leary, 35, of Notts, is the award-winning blogger behind A Mummy Too. She has now shared her 10 top tips to reduce a weekly food bill to just £20 with FEMAIL as well as frugal recipes.

Local reports suggest the couple will order the booze for their private reception from the Chapel Down winery in Tenterden, Kent, just as Kate and William did for the 2011 royal wedding extravaganza.

Paul Hollywoood and Mary Berry could judge the new series of Great American Baking Show together after ABC's president said he has asked her to return 'depending on her schedule'.

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace from Colorado examines the influence that alcohol has on our culture and society and reveals how the unconscious mind believes myths surrounding it.

These cooks tried to copy recipes they had seen on Pinterest - but they have all gone horribly wrong. Some feature terrifying faces instead of cute designs they were meant to make.