Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Luke Ware, 43 and Kerry Davis, 35... but did they regret it?

  • Every week we send a couple on a blind date and ask them to report back 
  • Luke Ware and Kerry Davis shared their visit to Middletons Grill in Norwich 
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Every week, we send a couple out on a blind date. This time, 43-year-old Luke Ware had dinner at Middletons Grill in Norwich with Kerry Davis, 35.

Both live in Norfolk — Luke, who is divorced, is self-employed, while Kerry is a dog groomer.

Kerry Davis (pictured), 35, is a dog groomer from Norfolk

Kerry Davis (pictured), 35, is a dog groomer from Norfolk


Some people might think my dyed hair is an attempt to draw attention to myself, but it’s not. I’m actually quite shy, but I love colour and see it as my way of expressing myself. I’m not afraid to be my own person, and I would like to find someone else who feels they are one of a kind, too.

Even going on this date was a huge step for me — it’s been several years since I was in a relationship after having had a really bad experience.

When I arrived I was really nervous and just talked ten to the dozen. I felt like an idiot, and Luke couldn’t understand why I was so nervous, but I calmed down and then we chatted away for the rest of the night.

It was funny going back to that restaurant though, because I had a dreadful first date there many years ago — he was a really angry type and ended the night screaming at the car park machine.

Luckily, this turned out to be a much better evening. Luke was at the bar when I arrived and I liked his coat from the back so that was a good start! When he turned around, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he has a nice face and strong features.

He started by telling me about helping a homeless guy outside, which I thought was wonderful, but when I told him about the volunteering I do — I offer free grooming to the homeless for their dogs — he seemed a little unsure as to why!

At times, I found it hard to read him, which is unusual for me. Perhaps he’s just so chilled out he didn’t react very strongly to some things.

I did tell him about my previous awful date at that restaurant and he laughed. In fact, we laughed quite a bit. We talked about past relationships, his nieces and nephews and our animals — I have dogs and he has cats.

All in all, we got on well and I felt when we left, there was still plenty of conversation to be had. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t interested in me, and in fact he smiled more at the waitress than me. He was very warm with her and I wondered if it was an indication that he felt less warm with me? But I wasn’t bothered, and found it interesting to watch him react to someone else.

He smiled at the waitress more than he did at me 

I wasn’t sure how he felt about the date. I was aware at certain points in the evening that as I was leaning forward to be more part of the conversation, he sat back, so I sat back, too. Other times we were getting on with it and having a good time.

When we left I did want to know him better, so I suggested we swap numbers. It would be good to see him again as friends, because although there was no chemistry, I think we clicked. It was a great night out with a lovely person, and for me, a positive experience.


Dating Doctor Alana Kirk says if there’s no chemistry it doesn’t mean your date is a failure. 

  • They can be a great friend if you don’t want to go it alone 
  • You can enjoy company of the opposite sex 
  • They can introduce you to a new social circle 

I’m proud of myself for overcoming my fears and going on a blind date. I would be really happy if it turned into something where we can go out for a meal or movie sometimes as friends. I’d like that a lot.

LIKED? He had a lovely smile, good sense of humour and was very to the point.





Luke Ware (pictured), 43, is self employed and lives in Norfolk

Luke Ware (pictured), 43, is self employed and lives in Norfolk

I’ve never been impulsive, so a blind date was a new experience for me. I was a little surprised when I first saw Kerry as she had very brightly coloured hair. I think that can sort of stereotype someone, at first look, as a rebel or a hippy — I’ve always been a ‘natural looks’ guy.

That said, as soon as we started talking I saw that she was a lovely, friendly person.

I was already there when she arrived and I could tell she was quite nervous. However, after about five minutes I felt her relax a bit and then we were chatting non-stop for the whole meal. We only left because they were shutting the restaurant.

It helped that I’d had a really rewarding experience just before I arrived and was able to tell her about it as a nice ice-breaker. On my way to the restaurant, I saw a homeless chap in the doorway, and he was freezing. So I popped into a pizza place next to where we were going to eat just to buy him a hot chocolate, but they also gave me a pizza for him, and didn’t charge me for either, which I thought was brilliant. It led on to her talking about the voluntary work she does, giving us a head start.

It’s refreshing to meet someone who has good conversation skills and knowledge, yet doesn’t sit there being all superficial. I don’t do shallow, and it became clear early on that neither does Kerry, so it was a great evening.

There was a good bit of banter and sarcasm which she enjoyed, and she was able to give as good as she got! Unfortunately though, there was no flirting or chemistry but certainly good friendship.

I’ve been divorced nearly two years and I find dating much harder now I’m older. If only we could go back 50 years to the old dinner and dance on a Friday night where the whole community was there. With online dating, there are too many options. I prefer to meet someone and see if there is a spark.

Her hair surprised me. I’m a natural looks guy 

I’d like to find someone with a positive outlook on life who wants to settle down into a fulfilling relationship. I like women who are confident, intelligent and witty, and who are able to deal with me. Kerry was all of those things, but I believe the chemistry is key and it wasn’t there.

Dinner was great, I had sticky ribs, and we were in no rush to leave. We stayed for coffee and as we left we had a hug and swapped numbers.

It was a really enjoyable evening, and I’d like to go for a coffee with Kerry again, but I don’t think it would be as anything more than friends. She’s into amateur dramatics and is in a play soon, so I’d like to go and see her in that.

The date was really positive for me and gave me a confidence boost. Kerry has wonderful qualities and will make someone very happy. I wasn’t nervous and having such a good evening really alleviates any fears you might have regarding relationships.

LIKED? She was open, intelligent, and had a caring nature.




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